Curse the Son Update on New Album Recording

Connecticut trio Curse the Son are currently holed up — okay, maybe not “holed up,” as in carrying rifles and warding off trespassers, but they’re knee-deep in the process — at Dirt Floor in Chester, CT, tracking material for what will be their third full-length when it’s finished. The album will follow their mega-fuzzed sophomore outing, Psychache (review here), which was initially put out by the band in 2012 and then picked up by STB Records for an awaited vinyl release (review here) last year. My understanding is STB will also be handling the new record when the time comes for it to hit shelves or, more likely, sell out on preorders.

And when that time will be I guess is the big question. They have to finish recording it first, obviously, and then comes the inevitable scheduling and manufacturing delays at whatever pressing plant the whole world seems to be using that’s been backed up since last Record Store Day pressing exclusives for the next Record Store Day — don’t get me wrong, I’m glad these people are making money, but if anyone wants to invest capital to start up another plant someplace, I’ll run the thing — and given that, it doesn’t seem unlikely to me that it’ll be 2016 before Curse the Son‘s next one gets here. I was fortunate enough to catch the band live recently, and fortunately all around, the new stuff they played sounded like it’ll be worth the wait.

Update from the and and in-studio video follow:

curse the son (Photo by JJ Koczan)

So….it’s been a while. Hope you all are well. Just wanted to let you know that album #3 is coming along nicely. 95% of the music is completed and vocals for 4 songs have been finished. Can’t really give an exact release date yet, as their have been a few delays, but be sure that IT IS COMING! You fuckers are going to be blown out by this one. Expect more consistent updates from this point on and start spreading the word that the new CtS release is only months away!!

Curse the Son Recording at Dirt Floor

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