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bellringer click bait

“You see the cat, frown/You click the mouse, down/And now the data has been sent/You sit alone, sad and spent.” I don’t know if Mark Deutrom of Bellringer was setting out to distill the chronicle of our age when he came up with “Click Bait,” but in four and a half minutes, he certainly managed to share some truth about where we’re at on a cultural level, and by extension, where we aren’t. The ex-Melvins bassist — here handling guitar and vocals alongside bassist Corey Cottrell and drummer Craig Nichols — released “Click Bait” as a pay-what-you-want digital single on Sept. 28, and the video go coincide follows the clip for “Von Fledermaus” (posted here) that surfaced in August.

A single concept — culture as meaningless collage of distractions — is executed through some complex editing in the new video, but the song itself is comparatively simple. Deutrom‘s vocals are smooth over a consistent bassline that spreads wider as the guitars open in the chorus, and as one might expect, or at least hope, the chorus itself is meta-catchy, commenting on what the titular marketing phenomenon that seems some days to define the times in which we live while also being rife with an infectious, almost saccharine pity. To put it in internet speak, it’s the snark we, as a people, deserve.

And it comes from an increasingly reliable source. Bellringer may have disappeared their self-titled EP (review here), but I can’t help but think that redistributing some of that material while at the same time moving forward with a newer cut like this one is a part of some larger master plan. What that might be or when it might manifest, we’ll just have to wait to find out.

If you happen to be in that neck of the woods, Bellringer support Funeral Horse at their record release show on Oct. 30 at Rudyard’s in Houston.

Click play to watch:

Bellringer, “Click Bait” official video

Click the mouse down!

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Mark Deutrom : Guitar, Vocal
C. Cottrell : Bass
C. Nichols : Drums

Produced and Mixed by Mark Deutrom
Recorded By Chico Jones at Ohm Recording Facility, ATX

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