Bantoriak Debut Album Weedooism Due April 13; “Lysergic Tantra” Video Posted


I am a sucker for a rolling groove. One of those grooves that unfolds and is immediately hypnotic. The kind that you snap back to consciousness after it ends and wonder where the previous however-long just went. The kind where things like “measures” and “cycles” become irrelevant. Accordingly, with  Bantoriak‘s “Lysergic Tantra,” it didn’t take all that long before I was on board.

The video (which you can see under the PR wire info below) comes from the Italian project’s forthcoming debut album, Weedooism, and while I’m not certain of the theological roots, the sound-as-spiritualist vibe comes through in the slow-motion swirl of effects on “Lysergic Tantra” and the melodic chanting that accompanies. Argonauta Records will have Weedooism out next month, and in addition to the work of Izio Orsini, who serves as the one-man core of the band, it also features guest vocal spots from Rosy of Profanal and Isaak‘s own Giacomo H. Boeddu.

If you find yourself looking for a trance-inducing roll, Orsini‘s got at least one on offer. This from the PR wire:

bantoriak weedooism

BANTORIAK: new video and cover artwork revealed

Psychedelic Doom Rock band BANTORIAK reveals the cover artwork of the forthcoming album and releases a new videoclip. The song “Lysergic Tantra” is taken from the album “Weedooism”, out April 13th 2015 on CD/DD via ARGONAUTA Records.

BANTORIAK is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows as hypnotic trip from the Ganges river to the California desert, reflecting the genuine approach on the musical taste, playing entirely with 70’s vintage and handcrafted instruments. The forthcoming album, scheduled for early 2015, will feature on drums Fabio of EREMITE and guest vocals by Rosy (Profanal) and Giacomo (Isaak).

For more infos:

Bantoriak, “Lysergic Tantra” official video

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