Desertfest 2014: 11 Paranoias Added to London Lineup

While I have a very strong feeling that this isn’t the only Desertfest announcement concerning the London lineup to come this week, I thought it was worthwhile nonetheless to mark the addition of ritual doomers 11 Paranoias to the 2014 festival, where they’ll play on the Quietus stage. I’m not sure which venue that is, but rest assured a black cloud will settle over whatever room it might be when the Ramesses offshoot start their set. Their 2013 EP, Superunnatural, was like a dense fog through which you could find no visibility. Stands to reason when you start combining members of Bong and Ramesses that the results are going to have a vaporizing effect.

Here’s the announcement from the festival website:

***11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage***

11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage

Coming together for a jam on 11/11/11 Adam Richardson (Ramesses/Lord Of Putrefaction), Mark Greening (Ramesses/Electric Wizard) and Mike Vest (Bong) realised that they had created a noise so heavy that it was in danger of forming its own weather systems.

11 Paranoias released their debut album ‘Superunnatural’ on Ritual Productions last year, unveiling a tar black, sludge blasted riffscape which was heavily psychedelic and hypnotic to boot, calling to mind Loop, Monster Magnet and Hawkwind more than any doom revivalists you care to mention.

Set controls for the heart of the black hole sun.

Kind Words: John Doran

11 Paranoias, “Inside Eusa’s Head”

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2 Responses to “Desertfest 2014: 11 Paranoias Added to London Lineup”


    Mark Greening (ELECTRIC WIZARD) is NOT in 11paranoias. He recorded ONE single rehearsal which has been unscrupulously exploited ever since!
    This is a deliberate attempt to deceive Electric Wizard fans!!!!

  2. Patrick says:

    Jeez, get over yourself and your weedinduced paranoia, we know he´s not in 11 Paranoias anymore, we´re not that stupid even if we´re Wizard fans.

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