Video Trailers Posted for Desertfest 2014 in London and Berlin

Posted in Bootleg Theater on April 3rd, 2014 by JJ Koczan

I’ll admit to carrying more than a bit of jealousy in my heart for those who’ll be in either London or Berlin at the end of the month when Desertfest gets underway in both towns. Either city is a trek I’d gladly make if I had cash for the flight, and I suppose if being broke has any upside, it’s saving me from having to choose one over the other. Poor consolation for not getting over there, but frankly I’ll take what I can get at this point.

A video trailer back Stubb‘s Jack Dickinson surfaced for the London fest about a week ago, and today Berlin followed suit in posting a trailer for the fest there. Again, either way you go, you can’t really lose. Whether you’re seeing Causa Sui and Stoned Jesus in Berlin or Pombagira and Borracho in London, you’re in for an amazing weekend you won’t soon forget and an experience of a community coming into its own even as it continues to discover what that means. This is a very cool year for Desertfest. So was last year. The one before that wasn’t half bad either.

You get the point though, and the point is me, unemployed and sulking. I’m sure I’ll have more about Desertfest before it actually launches, but I wanted to post these clips together just to give a sample of the vibe of both festivals and what they have to offer the discerning gormandizers who might hit them up. Desertfest Berlin runs April 24-26 at Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, Germany, and Desertfest London picks up April 25-27 at various venues in Camden Town. Info in the clips and at the links.

Desertfest Berlin 2014 trailer

24th, 25th, 26th April 2014 : DESERTFEST BERLIN

THURSDAY 24th – Spirit Caravan Official – Sleepy Sun – Siena Root – ASG – Sixty Watt Shaman – Pet The Preacher – ANCIIENTS – The Midnight Ghost Train – Cojones
FRIDAY 25th — Kvelertak – Causa Sui – Church of Misery Official – Elder – Huata – HULL – GOZU – BLACK RAINBOWS – Prisma Circus – The Moth – Red Stoner Sun – MANTAR
SATURDAY 26th — Clutch – Radio Moscow – The Machine – The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic – Stoned Jesus – THE GRAVIATORS – Sasquatch – Radar Men from the Moon – SardoniS – Castle – Metal Band – Powder for Pigeons – DoctoR DooM

Desertfest Berlin website

Desertfest London 2014 trailer

Desertfest 2014 is heavier than before & Taking over Camden, London during the 25-27th April.With over 60 bands from the underground stoner / doom and sludge scene peforminng this years fesitval is not to be missed, Headliners are Spirit Caravan / Kvlertak & Boris, plus weedeater, church of misery, ASG, blues Pills and many more…for the full line up please click below.

Desertfest London website

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Sleepy Sun Join Lineup for Desertfest Berlin 2014

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 5th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

Next week, airy San Francisco psych rockers Sleepy Sun start a US tour that will cross the nation and turn north into Canada in support of their new album, Maui Tears. It will run from Feb. 13 almost through the end of March before planting the five-piece back on their native soil, and then after that, they head to Europe in April, where they’ll take part in Desertfest Berlin 2014. Busy schedule, but all it means is that by the time they hit the Astra Kulturhaus, they’ll be so locked in they’re likely to have forgotten what life was like before they played a show every night. Which is bad for personal relationships, but good for a rock and roll crowd.

The PR wire sends confirmation:


We are delighted to announce today in exclusivity that Mammoth Psych Rockers SLEEPY SUN will lead their trippy fresh waves to DESERTFEST BERLIN 2014!!

SLEEPY SUN is an American psychedelic rock band from San Francisco (Ca) first formed as Mania in 2005 by students Bret Constantino, Matthew Holliman, Evan Reiss, Brice Tice and original bass player Hubert Guy.

The band progressed from their original garage rock stylings into psychedelia and in 2007 changed their name to SLEEPY SUN, with the addition of former singer Rachel Fannan. Soon after the band set to work on their debut and self released “Embrace” in 2008 (re-issued by ATP Recordings in 2009), which received favorable reviews. Shortly after the release of the album Guy left the band and was soon replaced by new bass player Jack Allen.

SLEEPY SUN released their follow-up album, “Fever” in 2010, and “Spine Hits” in 2012, the band’s first studio album without Fannan. Now in 2014, they released on January 28th their fourth LP “Maui Tears” via Dine Alone Records: 9 tracks of mind-melting trip exploring festering psych-garage, languid space-rock and stoner-waltz delirium!

During the past five years, SLEEPY SUN also embarked on multiple tours, and the band’s mixture of alchemy and architecture on stage has twisted knowing and discerning heads. With their live show becoming a subject of acclaim, Brit-pop colossus Arctic Monkey’s hauled them out on tour in 2010, and drone-psych leviathans Black Angels did the same a year later. Starting a 35-dates tour in the USA on February 13th, they will reach European lands in April, and will make a stop at DESERTFEST BERLIN 2014, for our pleasure!

Sleepy Sun, “The Lane” official video

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Desertfest 2014: 11 Paranoias Added to London Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 13th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

While I have a very strong feeling that this isn’t the only Desertfest announcement concerning the London lineup to come this week, I thought it was worthwhile nonetheless to mark the addition of ritual doomers 11 Paranoias to the 2014 festival, where they’ll play on the Quietus stage. I’m not sure which venue that is, but rest assured a black cloud will settle over whatever room it might be when the Ramesses offshoot start their set. Their 2013 EP, Superunnatural, was like a dense fog through which you could find no visibility. Stands to reason when you start combining members of Bong and Ramesses that the results are going to have a vaporizing effect.

Here’s the announcement from the festival website:

***11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage***

11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage

Coming together for a jam on 11/11/11 Adam Richardson (Ramesses/Lord Of Putrefaction), Mark Greening (Ramesses/Electric Wizard) and Mike Vest (Bong) realised that they had created a noise so heavy that it was in danger of forming its own weather systems.

11 Paranoias released their debut album ‘Superunnatural’ on Ritual Productions last year, unveiling a tar black, sludge blasted riffscape which was heavily psychedelic and hypnotic to boot, calling to mind Loop, Monster Magnet and Hawkwind more than any doom revivalists you care to mention.

Set controls for the heart of the black hole sun.

Kind Words: John Doran

11 Paranoias, “Inside Eusa’s Head”

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