Desertfest 2014: 11 Paranoias Added to London Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 13th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

While I have a very strong feeling that this isn’t the only Desertfest announcement concerning the London lineup to come this week, I thought it was worthwhile nonetheless to mark the addition of ritual doomers 11 Paranoias to the 2014 festival, where they’ll play on the Quietus stage. I’m not sure which venue that is, but rest assured a black cloud will settle over whatever room it might be when the Ramesses offshoot start their set. Their 2013 EP, Superunnatural, was like a dense fog through which you could find no visibility. Stands to reason when you start combining members of Bong and Ramesses that the results are going to have a vaporizing effect.

Here’s the announcement from the festival website:

***11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage***

11 Paranoias To Trip Out On The Quietus Stage

Coming together for a jam on 11/11/11 Adam Richardson (Ramesses/Lord Of Putrefaction), Mark Greening (Ramesses/Electric Wizard) and Mike Vest (Bong) realised that they had created a noise so heavy that it was in danger of forming its own weather systems.

11 Paranoias released their debut album ‘Superunnatural’ on Ritual Productions last year, unveiling a tar black, sludge blasted riffscape which was heavily psychedelic and hypnotic to boot, calling to mind Loop, Monster Magnet and Hawkwind more than any doom revivalists you care to mention.

Set controls for the heart of the black hole sun.

Kind Words: John Doran

11 Paranoias, “Inside Eusa’s Head”

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audiObelisk Transmission 029

Posted in Podcasts on August 27th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

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Been a while, right? Tell me about it. Although I love, love having The Obelisk Radio streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I’ve been wanting to bring back podcasting for a while now. I always thought it was fun, it just got to be time consuming and to be perfectly honest, the response over time took something of a shit.

Well, the idea here is to start with a clean slate. Anyone who’s listened to audiObelisk podcasts before will notice this one doesn’t have a title. There’s no theme running throughout — though I wanted to keep it focused on new stuff as much as possible — and though others ranged upwards of four hours long, this one clocks in at just under two. I gave myself some pretty specific limits and wanted to start off as basic and foundational as possible. I haven’t done this in a long time, and it seemed only appropriate to treat it like a new beginning.

Something else I’m keeping simple is the intro, so with that said, I hope like hell you download at the link above or stream it on the player and enjoy the selections. Here’s the rundown of what’s included:

First Hour:

Mystery Ship, “Paleodaze” from EP II (2013)
Carousel, “On My Way” from Jeweler’s Daughter (2013)
Ice Dragon, “The Deeper You Go” from Born a Heavy Morning (2013)
Black Mare, “Tearer” from Field of the Host (2013)
Beast in the Field, “Hollow Horn” from The Sacred Above, The Sacred Below (2013)
11 Paranoias, “Reaper’s Ruin” from Superunnatural (2013)
Vàli, “Gjemt Under Grener” from Skoglandskap (2013)
Beelzefuzz, “Lonely Creatures” from Beelzefuzz (2013)
Dozer, “The Blood is Cold” fromVultures (2013)
Toby Wrecker, “Belle” from Sounds of Jura (2013)
Shroud Eater, “Sudden Plague” from Dead Ends (2013)
Luder, “Ask the Sky” from Adelphophagia (2013)
Eggnogg, “The Once-ler” from Louis (2012)

Second Hour:

Colour Haze, “Grace” from She Said (2012)
Borracho, “Know the Score” from Oculus (2013)
The Flying Eyes, “Raise Hell” from Split with Golden Animals (2013)
Demon Lung, “Heathen Child” from The Hundredth Name (2013)
Vista Chino, “As You Wish” from Peace (2013)
Across Tundras, “Pining for the Gravel Roads” from Electric Relics (2013)
Black Pyramid, “Aphelion” from Adversarial (2013)
Church of Misery, “Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen)” from Thy Kingdom Scum (2013)

Total running time: 1:57:54

Thanks for listening.

Download audiObelisk Transmission 029


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Supernormal Festival Lineup Features 11 Paranoias, Coma Wall and More

Posted in Whathaveyou on July 31st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Weirdos abound, it seems, but hey, that’s cool. If you wanna get together in a field in Oxfordshire and freak out for a weekend while all kind of folks do all kinds of whacky stuff, I can think of way worse ways to spend that time. In all seriousness, over the last couple years, the UK’s Supernormal Festival has built increasingly strong and wildly diverse lineups, and as this year’s features a heavy touch from Caravan of Whores, 11 Paranoias and a slew of others — Coma Wall, who are the acoustic alter ego of Undersmile, will also play — posting the lineup for anyone in the area who might be able to attend didn’t seem too far fetched.

If anyone’s going or has gone, I’d love to hear how the vibe is at one of these things. Less so the Disco Tent than in general, but still:

Supernormal is a festival like no other, providing a powerful antidote to the current malaise of festivals-as-big-business. Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience, it champions the iconoclastic and the experimental, allowing risks to be taken and leaps of imagination to occur. Somewhere in spirit between the original Glastonbury Fayre and an eccentric village fete, Supernormal is the alternative’s alternative.


Clinic | Terminal Cheesecake | Bass Clef | David Thomas Broughton
Shit And Shine | Woodpecker Wooliams | Hookworms | Michael Chapman
11 Paranoias (Feat. Members Of Ramesses & Bong) | Agathe Max & Cyril M
Art Of Burning Water | Baby | Coma Wall | Daniel Wakeford
Cosham Community Players Association | Dan Haywood’s New Hawks
Dead Sea Apes | Dogeeseseegod | Dethscalator | Duke Garwood
Caravan Of Whores | Feature | Comanechi | Elle Osborne Trio
Evil Blizzard | Good Throb | Greta Pistaceci | Guncleaner
H Zamzam | Headquarters | Hugh Metcalfe | Las Kellies | Mugstar
Olanza | Mothers Of The Third Reich | Poulomi Desai | Red Square
Richard Dawson | Shabash | Shield Your Eyes | Snoozie Hexagon
Sun Skeletons | The Physics House Band | Unicorndad Vrs Robotdad
Thee Bald Knobbers’ Church Of Chaos | Tomaga | Zombie Crash
Grey Hairs | Homosexual Death Drive | Horse Loom | Weird Menace
Shopping | I’m Being Good | Les Bonbons | Sea Bastard

Multi-disciplinary arts programme featuring over 30 international, contemporary artists, presenting work including installation, intervention, performance, sound and spectacle.


— Artist-Led Workshops
— Full Cinema Programme
— Disco Tent
— Local Food
— Discussions And Talks

Weekend Tickets £75 – No Booking Fee!

Ramesses, Live at Supernormal 2012

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