Some Asshole Steals Sadgiqacea’s Van, Stuff

Every time something like this happens, I say the same damn thing: It’s a special kind of asshole who steals shit from a band’s van. Even more so, it’s an even more special asshole who steals the van altogether. Come on, you can’t even carry their stuff off as you take it? You’ve got to get the whole vehicle too? It’s a fucking travesty. The complete inventory of everything taken is here.

My best hopes to recently On the Radar-ized Philly smashers Sadgiqacea that they get their equipment, merch and vehicle back, and that whoever stole it is apprehended and brought to justice. Here’s the news and contact info in case anyone can help, even by sending the band your support or helping spread the word:

Achtung metal legions – we need your help!

Yesterday, Philly doomhaulers Sadgiqacea had their tour van parked on 13th and Carpenter in South Philadelphia when it was stolen around the hours of 12-7PM. Everything they owned was in the van, including all of their merch and gear. Total estimated loss of gear and merch is about $8,500. This duo is one of the hardest-working bands to ever come out of the (215), and are amazingly talented musicians on top of being genuinely sweet, good-hearted guys. This couldn’t have happened to two less deserving people. If you’re located in or around the Tri-State area (PA/NJ/DE and NY) please keep your eyes peeled, and get in touch if you hear or see anything.

Contact email is


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  1. jhopkns says:

    I pay $130 a year for my music pro insurance policy. it covers almost $12000 worth of stuff(all of my microphones, all of my guitars, amps, cabinets, etc). if anything happens to my shit i pay a $100 deductible to replace it which is certainly better than trying to start from scratch.

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