Satellite Beaver to Open Desertfest Berlin 2013

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 1st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Polish heavy rockers Satellite Beaver are no strangers around these parts, going back to 2010 and hearing some tracks from their MySpace page (a simpler time!), and on through an exploration of their 2009 Trip Outside Your Mind demo (review here) and subsequent 2012 EP, The Last Bow (review here). Now the Warsaw foursome have been tapped to kickoff this year’s Desertfest in Berlin on April 25.

They’re the second to last addition — one more to come later this week — to the fest, the website for which posted this announcement of the rock to come once Satellite Beaver take the stage:

Desertfest Berlin – SATELLITE BEAVER (POL)

We are thrilled to announce that Polish Stoner/Sludge Metal quartet SATELLITE BEAVER will open the festival on Thursday 25 !!

Formed in Warsaw, Poland, in 2008, SATELLITE BEAVER are a hard rocking Sludge/Stoner Metal Band composed of Szymon (Guitars/Vocals), Tomek (Guitar), Michal (Bass) and Robert (Drums).

Inspired by traditional grunge and stoner rock genres, SATELLITE BEAVER came a long way through different influences what in practice means searching for thickest guitar strings and biggest crash cymbals ever created. The fuzz and distortion are at maximum levels, producing some truly earth shattering sounds, an eclectic hybrid of sludge, psychedelic and grunge. It hits hard, dripping with atmosphere, as otherworldly sounds clamber over the lumbering riffs to brilliant head-banging effect.

Their latest EP, “The Last Bow” contains tracks recorded through 2010 and 2011, summing up the bands creative journey and giving you an inclination of where they might be headed. Currently, SATELLITE BEAVER are preparing brand new material for their debut album release, which is about to be recorded and released in the second half of 2013 and promoted through an European tour in September. It will contain massive, down-tuned trips to the land of fuzz, which you will be able to hear live at DESERTFEST BERLIN !

Satellite Beaver on Thee Facebooks

Desertfest Berlin website

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Desertfest 2013 Update: Dÿse to Play Berlin, The Machine to Play London

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 15th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Hot off their tour and split release with like-minded countrymen Sungrazer, Lebowski-loving Dutch fuzz jammers The Machine have been added to take part in London’s Desertfest next month. Native to Germany, the genre-defying duo Dÿse will bring new material and an experimental edge to Berlin’s own Desertfest, which they’ll play ahead of the release of a new album later in 2013.

As ever, here are the announcements courtesy of the London and Berlin Desertfest websites:

Welcome To The Machine

Welcome to The Machine……..a three-piece from Rotterdam who specialise in extended jams and improvisation. The best way to describe them is to go into detail on their live skills as that is really what they are all about. Using the base of their album tracks, every Machine show becomes a brand new experience and it’s own entity. Even though their sound is rooted in modern stoner rock, they channel the spirit of the late 1960s and as you sink into the performance you get some idea of what feelings may have been aroused in a tripping hippy standing aghast at The Grateful Dead on one of their acid-fuelled excursions.

David Eering is shamanistic in his position as the frontman, he dials-in the controls with his pulsating riffs and astronomic solos. The rhythm section of Davy Boogaard and Hans van Heemst are right behind supplying the propulsion to David’s showcase and together the band weaves a seamlessly holistic experience.

Since their conception in 2007 they have released 4 albums, the last two on the esteemed Elektrohasch label, and played at many of Europe’s premier psych festivals including a captivating performance at last year’s DunaJam. They have just completed a successful European tour with Sungrazer, and you are invited to explore new psychedelic realms with them at Desertfest 2013, you won’t forget it.

Words Courtesy of Rich After Sabbath

Desertfest Berlin – Dÿse (GER)

Hi Guys ! We are pleased to welcome the German noise rock duo Dÿse at DESERTFEST BERLIN !!

Formed in the spring of 2003 and named after the Dysecatmotel in Amsterdam where they first met, DYSE began as a fun, drunken side project for Jari and André to try new things with music they enjoyed, writing songs with no limitations or expectations from anyone.

The main compositional feature of their sound is alternating sections of heavy, metallish guitar-laden rock and quiet, doodling, rhythmic writing. The vocals are delivered in a mixture of virtually-shouted German and English, and the listener is challenged by the compositional changes and the different sonic textures.

In 2004, the first in a trilogy of 7 inch singles was released called “Honig” (Honey), followed by dozens of gigs as they perfecting their live show and became tighter than tight. The second single “Aga Ragnag” came out in 2005, followed by the third and final instalment “Houthakkertje” in 2006. To promote the completion of the 7 inches, Jari and André booked themselves a gruelling four-week tour across Europe and the UK. The response to each show was overwhelming as audiences everywhere were blown away by this unique, energetic and incredibly entertaining duo.

When they returned home from the tour, the band were approached to join the Exile on Mainstream Records family. June 2007 saw the release of DYSE’s self-titled debut album, which was followed in 2009 by their second one “Lieder Sind Brüder Der Revolution”.

At this year’s DESERTFEST they are proud to present their new single “Sag Hans zu mir” (You can call me Hans), which will be a teaser for their new album which you can expect by the end of this year !

“Radical as punks, clever as the avantgarde, loud as a hellicopter and fast as Michael Schumacher racing money to Switzerland” DYSE have hits in the bag and a reputation as one of Europe’s best live duos, so don’t miss them !!

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My Sleeping Karma Added to Desertfest Berlin 2013

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 11th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

We ended last week with news about Desertfest in London, so it seems only fair to start this week with news about the Desertfest in Berlin. Replacing Radio Moscow, heavy psych groovers My Sleeping Karma have been announced as taking part in the German fest, which is set for April 25-27 at Berlin’s Astra Kulturhaus.

My Sleeping Karma have been on a roll since releasing their excellent fourth album, Soma (review here), last fall, so one imagines they’ll be greeted as liberators when it comes to their Desertfest set. Good times.

Get hip to the announcement below:

Friends ! We are extremely pleased to announce that German instrumental heavy psych quartet MY SLEEPING KARMA is added to DESERTFEST line-up ! You should be happy, many of you demanded them !

MY SLEEPING KARMA combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the intention of their self-titled debut album (Elektrohasch, 2006) and it still remains.

From 6 years now, they proffer the incomparable tonal smoothness and instrumental heavy psych groove that made their success, focusing on various aspects of Buddhism (“Satya”, Elektrohasch, 2008) and Hinduism (“Tri”, Eletrohasch, 2010) theologies.

Last year, the band makes a jump to Napalm Records for the released of their fourth album, “Soma”, bringing them to the attention of a wider audience. This release was followed fall 2012 by a bir European tour supporting legendary Monster Magnet !

So, following the meaning of the last album title (“Soma” is the nectar of the gods), we can only advise you to come at DESERTFEST BERLIN to share a pint of this mystic drink that will lead you to a journey from which you may never want to come back !!

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Desertfest 2013 Update: Latitudes Added to London; Oddjobmen Join Berlin Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 7th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

More word from the Desertfest camp in that UK monoliths Latitudes will play the Black Heart in London and that Germany’s Oddjobmen — not to be confused with the Italian outfit OJM, who share the initials Oddjobmen use for their logo — will play in Berlin. The hits just keep coming.

Here’s the latest from the fest sites (London, Berlin):

Latitudes to play Desertfest

“Monolithic and intensely captivating are just 2 descriptions that don’t even come close to representing the immense sound of LATITUDES, who have been hand picked by human_disease_promo to be the latest addition to the bill for DesertFest 2013. Huge, soaring riffs layered in a masterful fashion, cut into with spacey atmospheric synth, create a sound hovering somewhere in the realms of part shoegazer / post metal, part hammering sludge, part dark prog. Latitudes have never been a band tied to a stringent set of rules which has enabled their sound to flourish into the cacophony of noise and ethereal influences found within the latest release Individuation (2012), an album which has received much praise from press though to peers and fans alike, finding its way quite justifiably into Terrorizer’s top 50 albums of the year segment. This latest offering follows on from previous album – Agonist, a piece of work held in particularly high regard for its versatile heaviness and powerful melodic crescendos that saw the band likened to the much missed Capricorns and also the likes of Isis and Cult Of Luna. Latitudes are certainly not newcomers though to writing deep steamrollering riffs. Debut EP ‘Bleak Epiphanies In Slow Motion’ saw them hone in on a powerfully driving sound back in 2007, a direction the band had been working towards for a time prior to this too. A well balanced, yet monstrously heavy live show, known for demanding the attention of all ears (and the and the nodding in unison of every head in the room) sought to give the band a strong reputation and respect all over the UK, solidified further by shows over the years with Kruger, Minsk, A Storm Of Light, Nachtmystium, Baroness, and even Cathedral. Latitudes are most definitely worth taking the time to catch when they play The Black Heart stage on the final day of this year’s DesertFest here in London town, as they’ll be certain to create a colossal tide of swirling and dynamic heaviness.” Words – Staggerin’ Matt

Desertfest Berlin – ODDJOBMEN (GER)

Hey friends, today we are announcing something special, a fresh new project from Berlin : ODDJOBMEN !!
We are very pleased to welcome them as they will play their very first shows in April !!

For those (many of you) who dont know them, the four ODDJOBMEN are former and active members of Sissies, Rotor, Gods of Blitz, Samavayo, Hutchinson & Pothead… I named : Kozik, Baale, Alavi, and Meyer !

Based on the soul-material they rocked out a bass driven, grease-groovin, hunger-striking, finger licking riff-o-rama with a twist of cain… Imagine Sly and the Family Stone vs. Black Sabbath, Stevie Wonder vs. Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age vs. Beach Boys, James Brown vs. Fugazi, and you get a hint of what conjuration is coming to get ya !

The band is currently working on their debut EP “Hook, Line and Sinker”, and will play some festivals this summer.
Stay tuned !

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More Desertfest 2013 Adds: The Shrine Go to London, 1000mods Go to Berlin

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 1st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

More news from Desertfest 2013 to round out the week. Fresh off their run in the US with Graveyard, Cali stoner-skaters The Shrine will be playing as part of Desertfest‘s London lineup, and traveling from Greece, heavy psych rockers 1000mods will make an appearance at the Berlin fest.

Here are the official announcements, culled from their respective websites (London, Berlin):

The Shrine to Shine at Desertfest

Smashing their way straight into Desertfest, L.A. young bloods The Shrine are set to bring their in-your-face and to-the-point brand of hardcore desert rock. Not many bands out their can claim to mix the tripped-out echoes of fuzz with the rough and ready aggressiveness of early punk, but the upcoming three piece of Josh Landau (guitar/vocals), Courtland Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (Drums) make it effortless.

Last year’s Tee Pee Records debut, the appropriately titled Primitive Blast, is a lightning paced wall of sound that blows off your ears. Traces of almost everyone, from Truckfighters, to Misfits, to MC5, are there to find within an all too short 35 minutes of raw, chugging stomp.

It’s no surprise to see that they’ve already notched up some impressive support slots with, among others, Kyuss Lives!, Graveyard and Desertfest headliners Pentagram. No doubt at Desertfest The Shrine will be some of the heaviest fuzz you’ll ever hear.

Desertfest Berlin – 1000MODS (GR)

Today, we are thrilled to welcome the first Greek band at DESERTFEST BERLIN : the striking 1000 MODS !!

1000 MODS is a 4-piece psychedelic/stoner rock band from Chiliomodi, Greece, formed in 2006. They play an impressive and highly addictive piece of downtuned, fuzzed up and hard hitting stoner rock, hone in a serious groove.

In the beginning of 2007, they released their first (self-financed) EP “Blank Reality”, and in December 2009 they stroke back with a brand new 7” EP titled “Liquid Sleep”, on the Greek label CTS Prods. In may 2010, they released a split tape with the German psy-doomsters Wight, and few months later, they recorded their full-length debut album “Super Van Vacation”, produced by the almighty Billy Anderson, and released by German label Kozmic Artifactz (vinyl) and CTS Prods (Digipack) in September 2011. Last December, the band released their latest EP “Valley of Sand” on Lab Records.

Since their beginning, they have played over 100 live shows, including openings for Brant Bjork, Colour Haze, Karma to Burn, My Sleepin Karma, Radio Moscow and many others. In October 2011, they toured in Europe playing 25 gigs in 12 countries, with an appearance as special guests at Up In Smoke 3, and in August 2012, they played at Aquamaria Festival.

This year, it’s time for them to play at DESERTFEST BERLIN ! “Super Van Vacation” vinyl re-issue is scheduled in April 2013 by CTS Prods, just in time for the festival, so get in the van, and come to Berlin !!

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The Latest from Desertfest: Free Fall Added to Berlin; Mother Corona, Wodensthrone and Blackstorm Added to London

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 27th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Stages are starting to take shape and lineups are being finalized, so we must be getting close to the kickoff of this year’s Desertfest. Still, with just under two months to go until the 2013 fests launch in London and Berlin, more bands are being announced for both. As London digs into the UK’s ultra-fertile underground to add the likes of Blackstorm, Wodensthrone and Mother Corona, Berlin has announced that Swedish rockers Free Fall, who will be on the road with Witchcraft and Orchid (both also playing), have joined the lineup for at the Astra Kulturhaus.

Here’s a wrap-up of the latest announcements:

Desertfest Berlin – FREE FALL (SWE)

We are very pleased to announce that retro-rock band FREE FALL is added to DESERTFEST line-up !!

From Stockholm, Sweden, FREE FALL was formed in 2009 by guitarist Mattias Bärjed (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) who felt the urge to form a classic 4-piece band playing a straight up heavy rock ‘n roll. He was joined by long time friend and bass wizard Jan Martens, drummer Ludwig Dahlberg (International Noise Conspiracy) and lead vocalist Kim Fransson.

Sweden really seems to be the current spiritual home of the ongoing Retro-Rock revival, and FREE FALL don’t need occult lyrics, don’t need LSD driven imagery to convince any fan of 70’s music. The band let their tunes speak for themselves. Together, they have formed something that swings hard with an energetic, authoritarian and powerful sound they called “Freedom Rock”. A huge slice of grooving rock that is very much inspired by the greats of the 70’s.

After signing a deal with Nuclear Blast in October 2012, the band recorded their debut album “Power and Volume”, which was unleashed all over Europe few days ago ! Last Friday, they have also been confirmed to be touring Europe in April/May alongside fellow Nuclear Blast label mates WITCHCRAFT and ORCHID. As they both take part in DESERFEST BERLIN, it was logic for us to also welcome FREE FALL, and help them to succed their “quest to liberate people through Freedom Rock” !

FREE FALL’s “world domination through Power and Volume” is starting now !!

Wodensthrone Complete Seven Churches Stage at Desertfest

We are please to announce Wodensthrone will be playing the Seven Churches stage at Desertfest. Wodensthrone was formed in Winterfylleð of 2005, in the Sundered Lands of North Eastern England, by founding members Brunwulf, Wildeþrýð, Gerádwine, and Hréowsian.

In these formative days, the clan’s sound was raw and primitive, but still hinted at a sense of sorrow, with lyrics focusing on the darker aspects of England’s history.However, by Eostremonað of 2006, the clan’s music had developed both technically and melodically, and so Æðelwalh was recruited on synths. It was at this point that Wodensthrone truly began to resemble their current incarnation, growing both musically and conceptually.

However, the clan still felt incomplete, and so comrade Eldbeorn joined the clan on guitar in the Blotmonað of 2006, completing the line-up and adding further depths of melody and savagery to the clan’s sound.


The final band to be added for the HDP/WPC stage are the mighty Brighton rifflords BLACKSTORM. Like the most powerful and destructive of storms this hardened troop of musicians rarely appear and this will be the 2nd ever London show since their creation, but when they have made an appearance it has been with powerful intent alongside the likes of Cancer Bats, Kruger, Lesbian, Saviours, & Orange Goblin. Featuring the amazingly talented vocalist Karl Middleton (of Earthtone9 fame) alongside side a fair few other familiar faces of the Brighton Music scene including guitarists Neil Kingsbury (ex- fall of Efafra) and Gez Walton (ex The Ghost of a Thousand, This is Menace).

They have been described as combining elements of drone, stoner, down-tuned sludge with classic rock and the vitality of hardcore and punk, Blackstorm combines crushingly heavy, catchy-as hell riffs with juggernaut proportioned rhythmic grooves and killer hook laden vocals. And their most recent release ‘The Darkness is Getting Closer’ was released in November last year showing a much more melodic and groove driven beast. If you like you your riffs served up with a nice juicy sing-along chorus then these guys are for you, just remember that rumble you hear is the sound of an oncoming storm, a BLACKSTORM!!

Words Courtesy of Gareth Kelly

Mother Corona Play Desertfest

Oxfordshire’s Mother Corona began their mission to eclipse the UK stoner rock scene in 2008 and have made two records to date. The most recent was last year’s “Out Of The Dust” LP. If we suggested “, and Into The Void” would be a good adjunct to that title, you’d be getting a good idea of where these guys are coming from.

If Ozzie’s mob had stayed on that rocket for longer they’d probably have reached the vicinity of where Mother Corona are now; fat riffs and cosmic doom of the highest order. They also add a welcome soupcon of psychedelic shimmer into the sound which helps to give it that all-important element of individuality, as do the melodious flanged croons of singer Daveo.

Come join the crew at Desertfest 2013 while they set the controls for you. Mother Corona have played with a host of scene favourites like Trippy Wicked, Enos, Alunha and fellow Oxfordians Desert Storm so you know you’ll be in good company during your travels to the outer-reaches.

Words Courtesy of Rich After Sabbath

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Victor Griffin’s In~Graved to Play London & Berlin Desertfests

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 8th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

After already being announced for Roadburn and Days of the Doomed III, the word came through today that Victor Griffin‘s new project In~Graved will make a showing at Desertfest in both London and Berlin. Griffin is hitting it pretty hard to start out with his many-bassed new band, but he’s working with some awesome people (anytime Guy Pinhas is slated to show up, you’re already winning) and I’m really looking forward to what he’s got going on with this new band. Judging from the pic above, he’s pretty relaxed in the face of all the work ahead. Right on.

Here are the Desertfest announcements, courtesy of the Desertfest London website and the Desertfest Berlin website, respectively:


As if Pentagram wasn’t enough for you lucky devils, along comes an extra slab of US doom classicism! Having respectfully stepped down from his recent two-year stint with Bobby Liebling’s rabble, Victor Griffin has rounded up a US doom super-group in support of his new album, ‘In-Graved’, which has been in gestation since 2011 and will be released in March.

Desertfest 2013 is honoured to play host to the London round of his exclusive tour and there’s plenty to look forward to; along for the ride is Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed, Acid King, Goatsnake), Pete Campbell (60 Watt Shaman, Mighty Nimbus, Place Of Skulls) and Jeff ‘Oly’ Olson (founding member of Trouble). These names, and a lot of others, contributed to recording the album which also includes the skills of Ron Holzner of Trouble fame, Marty Swaney (Death Row, Pentagram) and Dan Lively (Sweet Cicada).

Watch out for a new addition to Vic’s sound, with In-Graved he has pursued a long-held ambition to add the dynamic of keyboards. After involving Orodruin’s keys-man Mike Puleo in recording, live hammond-organ duties are to be carried out by Jeff Olson and are sure to add a welcome classic rock element to proceedings! It’s early days for Vic’s latest project, but with pedigree’s such as those that are involved, a memorable performance is guaranteed. Don’t you dare miss out!

Words Courtesy of Rich after Sabbath


It is with great honour that we announce Victor Griffin’s IN-GRAVED will taking part in Desertfest 2013 !!

IN-GRAVED, the new band led by former Pentagram and Place of Skulls guitarist Victor Griffin, will release their self-titled debut in Europe and the UK on Friday, March 22 via Finnish label Svart Records and in the US on Tuesday, March 26 via Veritas Vinyl. This album was recorded and produced at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville, Tennessee, by Travis Wyrick (Place of Skulls) and founding guitarist/vocalist Victor Griffin.

Original drummer of doom metal legends Trouble, Jeff “Oly” Olson, will play the Hammond organ on this forthcoming debut album which also feature drummer Pete Campbell (60 Watt Shaman, Place of Skulls), bassists Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed, Acid King, Goatsnake), Ron Holzner (Trouble, Earthen Grave, Debris Inc), Greg Turley (Pentagram), Marty Swaney (Death Row, Pentagram), and Dan Lively (Sweet Cicada), as well as keyboardist Mike Puleo (Orodruin).

IN-GRAVED will perform at the DesertFest Berlin for a memorable performance ! Don’t miss this opportunity to witness this doom metal All Star new band !

Touring line up is as follows :

Victor Griffin – Guitar/Vocals
Guy Pinhas – Bass
Pete Campbell – Drums
Jeff “Oly” Olson – Hammond Organ

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Desertfest Update: Glowsun & Mars Red Sky Added to London, Orchid & Blues Pills Added to Berlin

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 1st, 2013 by JJ Koczan

It hasn’t been easy keeping up with the Desertfest updates, as both the London and Berlin fests seem to be adding new bands every day — Truckfighters and Colour Haze joining the London lineup was a bit of a “holy shit” moment for me — and sure enough, the last couple days have been no different, with French bands Glowsun and Mars Red Sky added to London and Blues Pills and Orchid signing on for Berlin. Lineups for both are getting pretty packed.

I’ve had several of those “holy shit” moments, including one listening to Dozer last weekend when I realized I’m actually going to get to see that band play, so although I may have some trouble keeping up, I’m unbelievably psyched to catch Desertfest this year.

Here’s the latest:



After crashing the Berlin leg of Desertfest last year, French ‘psychédélique’ trio Glowsun are heading to Camden and completing the double. Already strong contender for any best French band of all time awards, Glowsun are masters of mixing powerful, ambient psychedelia with raw, crushing groove.

Debut full length, The Sundering, put Glowsun on the stoner map in 2008 thanks to its expertly crafted, hooky jams. Last year’s follow up, Eternal Season, shoved drone more to the centre of the sound as well as pushing through heavier, crunchier guitars. The result was an equally atmospheric, but much darker album with more strut and swagger.

Sitting halfway between Sleep and Sungrazer, Glowsun’s appearance at the Camden leg this year is bound to be a thunderous, apocalyptic journey into a psychedelic waste ground.

words courtesy of Tom Geddes

Mars Red Sky

Mentioning the very concept of Mars Red Sky in the UK brings to mind the bizarre combination of tasty chocolate, caramel and nougat with a high quality brand of potato crisps. En France however we’re talking only about the psyche-tripping, outer galaxy meanderings of Bordeaux’s finest retro rockers, known to their fans as MRS.

Taking in influences as broad as Hendrix, Kyuss, Cream, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, these meteor-bothering cosmonauts create a thick, fuzzy, yet delicate sound, memorably topped off by frontman Julien Pras’ startlingly soulful bluesy rasps behind the mic. With just a singular, though poignant, self-titled debut record and a split with Year of No Light out to date, MRS have quickly built an impressive résumé which includes guest spots at Roadburn, Les Eurockennes and Incubate festivals as well as opening slots with the likes of Sleepy Sun and Killing Joke. A groovy, acid-frying three piece rounded out by Jimmy Kinast on bass and Benoit Busser behind the kit, MRS bring brooding basslines, triumphant drumbeats and a megaton of big-muffled guitar riffs together with a dark and haunting sense of melody, seldom heard in the cactus fields of classic stoner rock.

If you dig the likes of Colour Haze, Tweak Bird, Witchcraft and Earthless then get your shovel back out and prepare to get crater-making with yet another astounding addition to our line-up here at DesertFest 2013.



As many of you expected, ORCHID is now confirmed for the DESERTFEST BERLIN ! :)

ORCHID is an American Doom Metal band based in San Francisco, California, founded in 2007, and one of the greatest new acts of its kind. Rocking hard with their dark, psych-sonic blues assault, the band, around the charismatic lead singer Theo Mindell and his fascinating psychedelic vocals, are the new darlings of the retro heavy rock scene.

ORCHID established their reputation early with the 2009 release of their first EP “Through The Devil’s Doorway” on the small indie label The Church Within. The EP quickly received first-rate reviews around the world naming it an ingenious debut for a band with an auspicious future. Shortly after this release, ORCHID unleashed their first full length album “Capricorn”, released in 2011 by the same label. The record immediately gained the band a huge following in Europe. In September 2012, Nuclear Blast released “Heretic”, their last EP to date … but not for long, as they already prepare a new one, “Wizard of War” ! Stay tuned…

As they live for writing, recording, and playing live, they tour in Europe every year, participating in many of great festivals, such as Hammer of Doom Festival in October 2011, and DesertFest London last April.

Now it’s Berlin turn !!

Blues Pills

It’s time for us to bring a little bit of blues to the DesertFest. We are glad to welcome the Swedish-American-French hybrid BLUES PILLS !!

After their departure from Radio Moscow in September 2011, drummer Cory Berry and bass player Zack Anderson, joined up with Swedish lead singer Elin Larsson and French guitar player Dorian Sorriaux to form BLUES PILLS, a compound of heavy, driving bass lines, colossal drums and ferocious, riff based, soul-penetrating guitar work tied together by an incredible soulful voice.

Their 4-track debut EP, “Bliss”, released in May 2012 on Crusher Records, propelled them at the forefront of the on-going 1970?s blues rock retrospective. They toured last summer in Spain and Portugal, and this year, they will play at Roadburn Festival and DesertFest !!

So come to Berlin and take your dose of this blues medicine !!

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