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Nothing like pulling an all-nighter if you’ve got to get something done, and that would seem to be how Swedish riffslingers Domkraft made their new video for “The Watchers” from their newly-issued second album, Flood (review here). An all-nighter guerrilla-style all the better. The story goes that the Swedish three-piece and their director, Peder Bergstrand made their way into an amphitheater in Stockholm — looks like Ralambshovparken, if my in-depth knowledge of the Swedish park system is anything to go by; they should do their next one in the skate park — and set up overnight to film at dawn. They don’t seem to have actually played the track live, which you can tell because of the lack of a generator behind the amps, but drummer Anders Dahlgren is still railing pretty hard on his cymbals, and even in syncing to a full-volume playback of the song, reportedly complaints were filed by the neighbors, whose domiciles you can see through the plantlife in the video.

Of course, Dahlgren, guitarist Martin Widholm, bassist/vocalist Martin Wegeland and Bergstrand — known as well for his recent graphic work for Crippled Black Phoenix and for being in Lowrider — would have been long gone by the time the constabulary arrived, and they split with the ultra-widescreen “The Watchers” in tow. Edited together in rhythmic lockstep with the song itself, the muted colors of “The Watchers” speak to the depths of tone brought to bear by Domkraft as well. What the video serves to further emphasize, though — and I’ll admit this is something more about the track than the actual clip — is how fluidly Domkraft blend a progressive style of songwriting with their tone-fueled atmosphere. That’s true throughout Flood — which is out on Blues Funeral Recordings following 2016’s The End of Electricity (review here) on Magnetic Eye — but like the single it is, “The Watchers” distills that impression to its most essential components.

The video of course sets its own vibe with the lighting at dawn and Bergstrand‘s camera work, and it’s my pleasure to host the premiere today. My suggestion is to go fullscreen on it and enjoy. And keep an eye out for new stuff from Domkraft in 2019. I have it on good authority there’s something in the works.

PR wire info follows:

Domkraft, “The Watchers” official video premiere

A dystopian take on Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii,” the video for The Watchers was shot illegally by director and fellow Swede Peder Bergstrand, also singer/bassist of seminal stoner rock outfit Lowrider.

At dusk, band and filmmaker snuck into an old amphitheater in Stockholm and set up their amps and gear. As the first rays of the 5am sunrise hit, Domkraft let rip and played at full volume to the empty amphitheater.

To capture that epic Pompeii vibe and get the desired grit, Peder filmed it on a vintage Russian movie camera with an anamorphic lens. With their completely unauthorized footage secure, the foursome packed up and bolted into the morning before the almost certain arrival of the law.

Domkraft “Flood” is the first release on Blues Funeral Recordings, but it’s the band’s second album to date, with their debut “The End of Electricity” ending up on numerous year-end top lists in 2016.

Domkraft also appears on The Wall [Redux] alongside The Melvins, Pallbearer, Mark Lanegan, and Scott Reeder.

They’re also part of the forthcoming PostWax project in 2019, a lavish limited edition record record series that includes new music from Elder, Spotlights, and Lowrider. Domkraft’s PostWax release will feature several new recordings including a 13-minute monster with guest vocals from Mark Lanegan, Lea from Besvarjelsen and Marty from Slomatics.

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6 Responses to “Domkraft Premiere “The Watchers” Video”

  1. Crippling Niles says:

    “…let rip and played at full volume to the empty amphitheater?” I’m still looking for power cables/lights, and those cymbals are barely moving. Methinks the PR wire is a little inflated. Great album though.

  2. jose humberto says:

    I have the two Domkraft albums in cd and I Loooooove them ,
    the bad news now are that they are involved with this Post-Wax project that as exciting as it seems, (sure it is) , excludes the cd format of being a priority, so I guess I wont have another Domkraft album in cd any time soon.

    Same with Lowrider wich have been promising a sophomore effort since two years ago and when it was almost confirmed for 2019 now with this project they say indeed they will put out a new album BUT! …in Vinyl, and the cd version? “maybe sometime afterwards”

    Only Vinyls fans worth it


    • JJ Koczan says:

      You might have to bite the bullet on vinyl sooner or later. I did. I’m not a vinyl-head by any means — give me a CD any day of the week — but if there’s new Lowrider coming, I don’t care if it’s pressed on an Edison cylinder, I wanna hear it. I know it’s not cheap, and I don’t get into the whole limited-edition-multiple-colors-whatever-test-pressing thing, but if something’s only going to be on LP, then so be it. I’d rather hear it than not. I know where you’re coming from, and I’ve got thousands of CDs to say I agree with you, but in the end you’re hurting yourself by not hearing the music.

  3. Jose Humberto says:

    (sigh) I guess at least they will have the tracks in Bandcamp

    same as you I have around 800 cds , most of them heavy music
    and with two kids , lets say that I can afford an equipment for vinyl but I feel I have another priorities for that money.

    I love Lowrider , have the original release of Ode in cd, the remastered double cd , and two Ode tshirts, in white and silver , I consider myself a true fan and I tought I deserved the consideration for a release in cd format , but lets see, maybe Peder later will release at least a limited ammount of cds and I will be happy :)

    Im a fan of your site JJ


    • JJ Koczan says:

      Thanks Jose! I’m a fan of your comments and very much appreciate you checking in on the regular. I’m right there with you in holding onto hope for a new Dozer record one of these days. Though I do love me some Greenleaf.

  4. jose humberto says:

    Oh have you read my complains about Dozer too ? LOL he he , its just for fun you know , I must be annoying sometimes im sorry.

    Im having a great sunday morning writting this while im listening the new Mudhoney album , its awesome!

    have a great Sunday JJ


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