Sergio Ch. Posts Video for New Song “El Latigo y las Riendas”

Should we be surprised that  We make sure that at our How To Write A Paper Without Plagiarizing the tariffs suit our customers. Students can afford them easily. Sergio Chotsourian has new material in the works? Yeah, probably not. At all. We’re barely a month removed from his last video, an animated clip for the song “La Historia de Hanuman” (posted here) from his 2015 debut solo album,  Order Phd Dissertation In Special Educations written from scratch starting at just per page. Only professional writers are here to help you write your paper. 1974 (review here), and certainly less than a year out from his issuing the 2016 follow-up,  more info here the Conspiracy. Essay writing service businesses provide unlimited customer service to their customers. In Msconfig Aurora (review here), but that’s just kind of how it goes with the former  check here at high speeds and affordable prices! Find the perfect writer for your research paper at Los Natas and current  Are you browsing for the best somalia stover masters thesis? We only hire American writers and can take care of the whole document or a single chapter. Soldati and  This Louisiana official site describes one of the challenges that the American Indians and white settlers faced.... Ararat frontman. Multiple projects, multiple releases in the works. Always something happening. Dude is prolific. From where I sit, that only adds to the appeal of his work.

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I would doubt that the version of “El Latigo y las Riendas” featured in the video below — which if the curtain in the background is anything to go by seems to have been recorded in a living room (presumably Chotsourian‘s own) before being run through a line-drawing filter — is the final one, and kind of assume that by the time the track makes it onto whatever release it does, it will be fleshed out some, though one never really knows, and Sergio Ch. has never exactly been shy about giving his listeners a raw glimpse at his songwriting process. Or, you know, could be both, since it’s not like songs haven’t shown up in different forms across different releases, sometimes even different bands. One can never really be too sure. That’s part of the appeal too.

Please enjoy “El Latigo y las Riendas” below, followed by a translated version of the announcement that was posted when the track was shared on the social medias:

Sergio Ch., “El Latigo y las Riendas” official video

happiness is only real when shared… is a phrase that I stay in some movie. For those who are and for those who left us a message. New video premiere of Sergio Ch. “El Latigo y las Riendas.” Enjoy!

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