Sergio Ch. Releases New Album Aurora; Streaming in Full Now


A figurehead for South American Sludge both in terms of the name of his label and the movement of heavy rock its moniker represents, Sergio Ch. has released his second solo album, Aurora. It’s available now to stream and download through the aforementioned imprint’s Bandcamp page (you can hear it below), and following up on last year’s 1974 (review here), it seems to take a similar tactic in building off prior-posted demo work even as it moves in a much different, far less acoustic direction. As you travel along the 18-minute opening title-track, you’ll notice a distinct sense of space in the presentation and an undercurrent of experimentalism to go with Chotsourian‘s hypnotic central guitar figure, the nod for which becomes a defining characteristic of the record that follows.

I’ll hope to be giving Aurora a proper review at some point soon, so won’t say too much more about it than that for now, but as I was enjoying digging in, it seemed only right to post the stream so you might do likewise if so inclined. You’ll find the player under the info below, which came down the PR wire:


“Aurora” is the new album by Sergio Chotsourian. The second work in solo format that delivers the artist.

It is a continuous journey from the drone to Stoner Pampeano where the song becomes a mantra, the riffs become anthem and a unique experience to take off from the earthly and ascend to the SER.

It was recorded and produced by Chotsourian after a trip to the town of Aurora a mysterious place in the countryside in Uruguay. A place and energetic center of the earth where it has long been there have been countless cases of paranormal phenomena. As well as the alleged presence, manifestation and whale intraterrestrials beings.

Composed, recorded and mixed in just one week, the sucesorde “1974” is presented in a more electrically with a consolidated and powerful audio leaving a little aside this time the sound LO-FI to reach new places never before trodden.

01 – Aurora
02 – El Herrero
03 – La Heroina
04 – Aurora II
05 – El Laud
06 – El Llano

Sergio CH. – Guitars & Vocals
Milagros Arrom – Guitars & Metalofon

Recorded and mixed by Sergio Ch in Death Studios
Mastered by Patricio Claypole in The Attic Studios
Artwork by Sergio Ch.
Produced by Sergio Ch.

Pirámide Records / South American Sludge Records

Presentación Oficial: Jueves 20 de Octubre en Motoclub, Bar V, 22 hrs

Sergio Ch., Aurora (2016)

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  1. Always a pleasure to read your support & appreciation for Sergio.
    Here’s the new video of “El Laud”: Like “Aurora”, it features a different -live- version of the track. By the way, I’ve made a playlist with all of his official videos here: Feel free to check out my other Sergio/Natas/Soldati/Ararat-related playlists on my channel too.

  2. max says:

    vamooooooooo sergiooooo carajooooooooo
    como el vino !!!! cada vez mejor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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