Void King Perform There is Nothing in Full in New Video

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Void King, There is Nothing Live in Indianapolis, July 16, 2016

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Indianapolis Stoner Rockers VOID KING have released a video of the band performing new album There is Nothing in its entirety. The performance was captured by Heavenridge Films during VOID KING’s Cassette Release Show July 16 at the 5th Quarter in Indianapolis. Live audio is courtesy of Niko Albanese.

There is Nothing is out today on CD format via Off The Record. A vinyl LP version is also in the works.

The monstrously riff-tastic There is Nothing was released earlier this summer on digital format.

Track Listing:
1. Skull Junkie
2. Raise the Flags on Fire
3. Brandy Knew
4. Canyon Hammer
5. Healing Crisis
6. Box of Knives
7. Release the Hawks
8. That Was Not An Owl (DFI)

Derek Felix – Percussion
Chris Carroll – Bass
Jason Kindred – Vocals
Tommy Miller – Guitar

Void King on Bandcamp

Void King on Thee Facebooks

Void King at Shiny Beast Mailorder

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  1. Tommy says:

    Thank you all for posting this.

    Niko and Randy did an outstanding job of recording this thing.

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