Kal-El Premiere “Universe” Video From Moon People

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This week marks the release of Kal-El‘s new two-songer EP, Moon People, on Majestic Mountain Records, and for those who would chase a trail of fuzzy riffs across this or that infinite expanse, the track “Universe” offers due opportunity. There is simply no arguing with this band. Based in Stavanger, Norway, the double-guitar five-piece fronted by Ståle “The Captain” Rodvelt are now five albums deep into a tenure that spans a decade-plus, and they have remained loyal to the riffs, the fuzz, the sliding nod and push that defines heavy rock, but have brought an expansive breadth that is their own. “Universe” accompanies the title-track of Moon People. Both are seven-minute groovers based around that core blend of heft and float, and unlike some very grand number of other acts, Kal-El do not feel the need to separate the two. They can make the heft float, and they do in each of these two pieces in a different way.

Hooky A-side “Moon People” (video near the bottom of the post) wakes itself up as a fuzzy underlying progression seems to be encouraging the rest of the band to get on board. kal-el moon peopleSoon enough they do, and Kal-El unfurl the hairy tonality that typifies the lead cut. It is the stuff of blown speakers at proper volumes, much as Kal-El‘s style lends itself to grandiose superlatives. The guitars make room for vocals in the verse, open and melodic, and “Universe” will do the same shortly with a denser buzz behind, and as they work their way through the hook and back around, then head outbound on an extended solo jam, the B-side is allowed its opportunity for contrast. Because while united in tone and aesthetic, “Moon People” and “Universe” want to and do accomplish different ends.

In “Universe,” it’s the structure that shifts. The shove is more immediate with the toms circling around making their way toward a ’90s-style space-grunge verse, and they complement that intensity with a chorus boogie riff that’s so heartfelt in its Sabbathian blues that it reminds of Church of Misery. Of course, they end in a big wash of fuzz and the hook and psychedelic flourish around hard-landing nod delivered with expert pacing and the sense of craft one has come to expect from Kal-El, but it’s the path they take getting there that makes that culmination so satisfying, the fact that they were willing to change it up from one track to the next reminds of the attention to detail that made their 2021 fifth LP, Dark Majesty (review here) so easy to follow on its solar trajectory.

The thing’s out Friday, so there’s no time to waste. “Universe” premieres below and “Moon People” is down near the links. 14 and a half minutes of the biggest riffs you’ll hear today. No arguing.


Kal-El, “Universe” video premiere

This big unknown, cold, black vacuum, surrounding us with mysteries, danger, and marvels, has intrigued the earthlings since the dawn of man. Trapped on this one rock out of billions upon billions, we look for answers. Who is out there, what is out there, who are we? But we are not alone, and ultimately we are all, we are one, we are life, we are family – we are the Universe.

Enjoy, and may the fuzz be with you!

The second track and video from the Moon People EP.

Written and performed by Kal-El
Recorded at Lydplaneten
Engineered by Tory Raugstad
Produced by Kal-El
Mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem
Copyright to Darkspace Music

The stellar video by @prettynoose888 !

Kal-El, “Moon People” official video

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