Dun Ringill Sign to The Sign Records; New Single Coming Soon

Swedish doom rockers Dun Ringill have signed to The Sign Records for the release, presumably next year, of their next album. Actually, info is pretty light when it comes to the announcement below, but there’s a pre-save link for a new single and at least that’s something to go on. Pre-save. What an age we live in. Almost like actually getting a thing.

I came to Dun Ringill via The Order of Israfel, but as you can see below, there are any number of other avenues one might take or have taken, up to and including Doomdogs, Dark Tranquillity and Silverhorse. However you go, the band represent something of a branching out for The Sign, who have plenty of variety among their acts at this point but still are mostly known for heavy garage and other, rawer kinds of classic worship. Dun Ringill know where they’re coming from, for sure, and they’re a good fit for the label accordingly, but the metallic edge of their riffing is a distinguishing factor as well. So much the better.

Here’s the news I’ve got for now. When/if I see word on a next album, I’ll post it:

dun ringill the sign records

We are proud to welcome Dun Ringill to The Sign Records Family!

Pre Save the first single “Awakening” to your playlists and follow the band’s upcoming journey together with The Sign Records.

PRE SAVE HERE https://orcd.co/dunringillawakening

Dun Ringill started in 2017 as a dark and doomy project with Nordic folk influences, creating music with big harmonies and presenting them with lyrics directly from the land of evil and darkness within the creative mind of bassist Winberg. This quickly evolved into becoming something much bigger and before long the unique musical recipe of Nordic folk, doom and progressive metal would be born.

Dun Ringill is:
Thomas Eriksson – Vocals (Also in Intoxicate and Ex-Grotesque and Doomdogs)
Neil Grant – Drums (Ex- End Of Level Boss and RAAR)
Patrik Andersson Winberg – Bass (Ex The Order of Israfel and Doomdogs)
Jens Florén – Guitar ( Also in Lommi and ex live guitarist for Dark Tranquillity)
Tommy Stegemann – Guitar ( Ex Silverhorse)
Patric Grammann – Guitar ( Ex Southern Festival Train and Neon Leon)



Dun Ringill, Library of Death (2020)

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