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Vienna, Austria, sludge metallers TarLung released their third album, Architect (review here), this past June, and to save you the trouble of clicking that review link, I’ll say instead that, oh, it was ghastly affair. Punishing! Brutal! Heavy like the way you think of cinderblocks holding things in place underground. The riffs were baked until burnt, the tones extreme, the vocals that accompanied all set to harsh your mellow with only a minimum of courtesy’s advance notice. It was not an act of kindness. It was not out to do favors for your eardrums. It was sludge. And it was metal.

I’m kidding, of course, but the fact of the matter is that TarLung — the trio of Philipp “Five” Seiler on guitar/vocals, Rotten on guitar, and Marian Waibl on drums — don’t even need bass to get the crucial heft of their sound across. You can watch their video for “Horses of Plague” premiering below and in addition to finding the song prescient as only a track written about a plague in 2019 could be, and appreciating their use of silhouettes and lighting and video effects, no doubt you’ll find that if you had a box on your day’s to-do list that said, “get pummeled by killer riffs,” that box will emerge on the other side of the just-under-six-minute clip duly ticked. As regards mood, you might find yourself ticked as well. Something about the tension after the solo in this one just feels seething in its execution.

The full stream of Architect is down near the bottom of the post, and I thank TarLung sincerely for the depth of thought they put into their quote. I mean that. Sometimes you ask a band for a quote and you get back either “can’t wait to share the song!” or “it’s a song I dunno.” TarLung not only explain their reasoning for picking the single — it’s heavy! — but they talk about how the clip was made, when, when the song was made, and note the fact that the record will be distributed in the US through Ripple Music. Actual information! Maybe their more courteous than I initially gave them credit for being.

Enjoy the clip (and quote), both of which follow here:

TarLung, “Horses of Plague” official video premiere

TarLung on “Horses of Plague”:

We wanted to do something special for our first video. The intention was to create something that has not been overdone within music videos yet. We came up with the idea of some sort of a “shadow theater” style video, mixed with different stock clips and a doomish vibe all around.

A distinctive inspiration was the fight scene from Kill Bill Vol. I where the lights go out and you can only see the shadows and silhouettes of the action. Mix in a video like Wilma’s Rainbow by Helmet and you get the rough idea what we were going for.

We chose to work with Schrankenstein Media, as he created a great video for the song “Past Recovery” by fellow Austrian heavyweights UGF. We heard he is very chill and easy to work with, and we can definitely confirm that. Working with Schrankenstein was great and we recommend to hit him up if you need a music video made in Austria or Germany.

The video was shot on location at Ann & Pat’s (a small but very nice venue in Linz, Upper Austria) using a big white screen and some background lighting. You can find some behind the scenes pictures and videos on our Instagram page if you are interested in the making of the video.

The song ‘Horses Of Plague’ was chosen because it’s one of the more powerful and hard-hitting songs on our new record. The lyrics are also quite fitting to the whole pandemic situation we are currently living in, as they were inspired by Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece 12 Monkeys. Strangely the song and lyrics were finished in Oktober 2019, just a few months before the world got turned upside down by the virus.

The latest TarLung album ‘Architect’ has been released in June, to great critical and public acclaim. “Horses of Plague” is the penultimate track on this record. Check it out and get a copy pressed on transparent vinyl, featuring the great artwork of Alex Eckman-Lawn, via our bandcamp page: https://tarlung.bandcamp.com

We are also working on a distribution with Ripple Music for our fans based in the USA . So if you want to save some shipping costs, our vinyl will be available via Ripple Music very soon.

Horses Of Plague is written and performed by TARLUNG. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tarlung/architect

Philipp “Five” Seiler – Guitars and Vocals
Marian Waibl – Drums
Rotten – Guitars

recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studio

Music video shot and edited by Schrankenstein, shot on location at Ann & Pat (Linz) June 2021.

TarLung, Architect (2021)

TarLung on Facebook

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TarLung on Bandcamp

TarLung website

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  1. hedd says:

    ..would often giggle when i saw the label use the word “heavy” to describe a release or new signings. NOW it’s getting heavy down at Ripple town. Kudos! And keep it up……

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