Black Trillium Post “Haunted Oceans” Video; The Fatal Shore out Now

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Sydney’s doom/death act, Black Trillium unleash their debut album ‘The Fatal Shore’.

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I am one chemistry help center unr of those CRAZY teachers who loves to teach Algebra. Purplemath's algebra lessons are informal in federal resume While there may only be 5 songs within Black Trillium’s debut album, coming in at 39 minutes in length, this epic voyage covers a lot of ground. The opening track ‘Conviction’ instantly descends upon the listener with dark meaty riffs, thunderous drums & bass driving right into deep powerful growls letting you know you have just stepped into new surroundings. As the track moves along the dynamics change through a display of riffs, clean & angry vocals, lead guitars and soaring choruses to completely dropping away into mellow acoustic guitars offering a false sense of security before opening back up to the darkness. Running out with menacing guitars and vocals reminiscent of the screams from a psych ward, Conviction sets the stage for what’s to follow through the next 29 minutes of audio.

“The Fatal Shore” and all of its tracks are inspired by Australia’s dark convict history and follows a prisoner arriving in Australia and the displacement that occurs. When going through the album’s song titles Conviction, Banished, Diseased, Haunted Oceans & The Fatal Shore, and then listening to the lyrics being sung one really does get the sense of a story being told throughout the album. These are not just a bunch of songs placed together but a well-crafted and laid out journey which really engages and draws the listener in.

The band have not only captured a story but have placed themselves in the shoes of those who had been banished to a new land, but while writing they also visited various sites around the country including a convict cemetery in Port Macquarie and penal sites on Cockatoo Island to Port Arthur in Tasmania – all to get a true sense of the despair experienced by all those who were imprisoned.

Overall, The Fatal Shore is littered with tonnes of powerful dark chunky riffs crossing between death, doom & sludgy type vibes intertwined with sections of clear open atmospheric acoustic guitars blended into moments of black metal, blast beats, and all the while combining together the aggressive & clean vocals stylings provided by both of the album’s creators, Zach Carlsson & Simon Skipper.

If you’re a fan of bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Celtic Frost & Agalloch then ‘Black Trillium’ should definitely be in your hit list…

Black Trillium is:
Simon Skipper (guitar, vocals)
Zachary Carlsson (vocals, bass)
David Schneider (drums)

Black Trillium, “Haunted Oceans” official video

Black Trillium, The Fatal Shore (2020)

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