Brant Bjork, Mankind Woman: Swagger and Soul

brant bjork mankind woman

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Sure, the title-track sleeks its way into a¬†Deep Purple (sans organ) boogie in its second half and the fittingly-enough centerpiece “Swagger and Sway”¬†has some element of challenge in the lyrics, “Try to do something about it/I dare you,” but the prevailing vibe on¬†Mankind Woman is more indebted to classic soul and R&B, melded of course with the signature desert rock style that¬†Bjork has made his own over the better part of the last 20 years. Cuts like the shuffling “Lazy Wizards” and “Pisces” early in the tracklisting are straightforward in their style — the latter with a particularly resonant hook — and follow the opener “Chocolatize” (premiered here) in finding a place where something can be heavy and soothing at the same time, empty of pretense but more than a simple run through the motions of¬†Bjork‘s modus.

As¬†Bjork leaves¬†Napalm behind for¬†Italian imprint¬†Heavy Psych Sounds, it’s easy to read¬†Mankind Woman as the beginning of a new era for his work, and if that’s the case, then so be it. Even¬†Wheeler brings the soul to “Pretty Hairy,” as opposed to the sort of punker spoken declarations of “Nation of Indica” and while funk is ever-present in¬†Bjork‘s style, to hear him directly engage it as he does on “Chocolatize,” “Mankind Woman” itself and “Somebody” is a refreshing readjustment of the balance. It’s the ultimate clich√© to say an opener ‘sets the tone’ for the rest of the album, but the chorus, “It’s time to chocolatize our thing/Right on,” seems to be as much a statement of purpose for the collection as a whole as it is a standout hook on its own, and¬†Mankind Woman indeed remains affected by its energy and deceptively complex arrangement of layers.

B-funk? D-funk (for desert)? Either way, as “Lazy Wizards” subsequently unfolds its righteously subdued groove, the impression of “Chocolatize” before it holds firm and makes an underpinning for just about everything that follows, even as “Charlie Gin” dips into garage rock, the later “Brand New Old Times” seems to take on no-frills early-Beatles-gone-fuzz-R&B¬†hookmaking, and the penultimate “1968” unfurls itself with an uptempo swing that would’ve been at home on a second¬†Vista Chino effort, with¬†Bjork himself donning the John Garcia mantle in his vocal approach.

brant bjork

Mankind Woman¬†brings no shortage of sonic variety in moving from track to track, but it’s the overarching fluidity that makes it work so well as a front-to-back listen, the steady flow of the production (helmed by¬†Dupree¬†as well as¬†Yosef Sanborn, who engineered and mixed) helping to unite individualized pieces across the whole work in classic-album form. Not that a record with a song called “1968” on it is exactly missing ties to that era that saw the birth of heavy in rock and roll, but clearly¬†Mankind Woman is speaking to that moment in more than just that one especially upfront manner.

And no complaints for that. With the exception of “Brand New Old Times” — which is the shortest cut included at 2:04 — the songs are by and large longer on side B, with “Somebody” and “Nation of Indica” tapping into the kind of jammy feel that populated some of the longer-form material on other recent long-players, but is quicker in doing so, speaking to the general reining in that seems to be happening throughout Mankind Woman as Bjork effectively resets his methodology. Likely some of it is writing alongside DuPree, but even if Bjork‘s doing so is a one-off rather than indicative of a new direction to be developed over future works, then the point still stands.

Clearly it was time for something different coming off¬†Tao of the Devil, and that’s manifest in these tracks whatever familiar elements they might otherwise contain. For longtime¬†Brant Bjork¬†fans,¬†Mankind Woman should feel like a gift. It taps into a spirit that fell by the wayside as¬†Bjork embraced wider-scale touring — that said, he’s hitting Europe again to support this release — and a more full-band approach, and it does so without moving backwards creatively. It refuses to compromise its soul or dull-down its funkified roll, and it shows¬†Bjork¬†squarely in command of his style, songwriting and performance. Actually, I take that back. There’s nothing square about it.

Brant Bjork‘s legacy doesn’t — or shouldn’t — need to be recounted. From his days drumming and writing in¬†Kyuss to joining¬†Fu Manchu, to the one-off with Ch√© en route to establishing himself as a solo artist and releasing albums of diverse sound and consistent quality, he’s been nothing short of essential to the process of shaping desert rock into the multinational phenomenon it is today.¬†Mankind Woman¬†is true to this pedigree, but like each of¬†Bjork‘s offerings, it has a personality unto itself and speaks to the ongoing creative growth of an absolute master of the form. Hearing it is only going to make your day better.

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4 Responses to “Brant Bjork, Mankind Woman: Swagger and Soul”

  1. Queef McGee says:

    Brant is a legend and this album has some of the great riffs and tracks but the production is just utter shit. What did they do to his voice? Better yet, what didn’t they do

  2. Bruce says:

    No thanks. Sounds like Lenny Kravitz.

  3. Dani says:

    Haha, folks on the internet are so quick to criticize. Out of all the releases I’ve heard this year, this is easily one of the best. Warm fuzzy 70s production may not be to everyone’s taste, but it suits this kind of album so well. That art is killer too, which is kind of a first for Brant who usually makes me cringe with his 420-happy aesthetic.

  4. J says:

    “Somebody” is a jammy song I¬īd like to hear how it expands for HOURS, man. As Ornette Coleman said, music is the healing force of the Universe.

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