Høstsabbat 2018: The Moth Gatherer Added to Lineup

The roster of acts for Høstsabbat 2018 continues to broaden in both number and sonic context with the addition of Swedish heavy post-rock/drone explorers The Moth Gatherer. Based out of Sweden, the band released their last album, the Karl Daniel Lidén-produced The Earth is the Sky (review here), in 2015 on Agonia Records, and impressed with their depth and textures. I wouldn’t necessarily speculate as to what their apparently-done new album has in store, but given the progressive turns they were making between organic and electronic elements three years ago, I’d be interested in finding out.

I was fortunate enough to attend and cover the last Høstsabbat in 2016, and this one seems poised to be even bigger on just about every level. Tickets are on sale now. Here’s the latest from the Høstsabbat social medias:

hostsabbat 2018 moth gatherer

Oooh… this week has been awesome. Finally the tickets for this years’ Høstsabbat went live, and we couldn’t be happier with the lineup so far.

BUT! We still have some gems to announce for you guys.

We’ve been gathering souls and sinners since we first started, so this year we’re adding moths to the list. The Moth Gatherer out of Stockholm/Gøteborg is a force of nature when they hit the stage. Their sound leaning towards super heavy post-rock, mixed with jazzy drums, fierce vocals, pure energy and tasty electronic samples, make them a class-act to witness. We had them over for a club night some years ago, and we’re stoked to have them on our festival bill this time. Known for bringing guest vocalists to their recordings, spanning from from Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen, to Thomas Jäger from Monolord, The Moth Gatherer just finished their upcoming album in Studio Underjord some days ago, and rumour has it they’ve outdone themselves again.

We can’t wait for some new material to be unleashed from the stage! Gather the souls, gather the sinners, gather the moths \m/

TICKETS: http://bit.ly/tickets-hostsabbat

Electric Moon
Toner Low
Elephant Tree
The Moth Gatherer
Taiga Woods


The Moth Gatherer, The Earth is the Sky (2015)

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