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The last time Relapse Records went ahead and signed a newcomer heavy psych band seemingly out of nowhere (but not actually out of nowhere because that’s not how this shit works. at all.) it was Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision, and given the kickassery that band has unleashed across their two to-date albums, I’d say it was a win all around. All the more reason to keep a close eye on German trio Black Salvation, who are also getting ready to release their debut full-length through Relapse. The album, called Uncertainty is Bliss, will be out on April 6 and they’re keeping a pretty tight lid on it, but I’ve been given the opportunity to premiere the new video for the goth-psych-vibing “Breathing Hands” and, well, I think by the time you’re 15 seconds or so into the song, you’re going to see why there wasn’t any way I was going to say no to the chance.

“Breathing Hands” opens with a draw you in strum of guitar tone and soon enough unveils a nodding hook and its rolling groove. The song is three and a half minutes long, the video has that creepy effect where they put mouths on hands, but the pull is just about irresistible all the same, and the immersion by the time they’re done is complete. This speaks to an efficiency of their approach that reveals itself even more on repeat listens, but even if you only make your way through once, they’re not exactly being obtuse about where they’re coming from: warm tones, languid vibes, some drama in the vocals, a catchy chorus, and enough stylistic nuance to make you wonder just how far out these cats might actually go over the course of a whole record.

Of course, we’ll find out on April 6 when Uncertainty is Bliss arrives, but especially for those in Europe, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Black Salvation‘s name started popping up in lineup announcements for summer and/or fall festivals. They seem pretty ripe to catch on, and if “Breathing Hands is your first sampling of their wares, or if you caught wind of the prior-streamed single “In a Casket’s Ride,” which I’ve also included at the bottom of this post just for the hell of it, it really only seems to me that what’s been put out so far bodes remarkably well for the rest of what’s to come.

Here’s looking forward:

Black Salvation, “Breathing Hands” official video premiere

BLACK SALVATION — featuring Uno Bruniusson formerly of In Solitude and Grave Pleasures and currently of Death Alley — challenge sthe listener to open wide the doors of perception and slowly drift away amongst their transcendental compositions and deeply hypnotic tales of magic and mysticism. Across eight tracks and over forty minutes, BLACK SALVATION exquisitely blends hard rock, doom, and psychedelia into an intoxicating synthesis of rock ‘n’ roll alchemy. Uncertainty Is Bliss is surely one of the most captivating rock debuts in years.

BLACK SALVATION’s Uncertainty Is Bliss is due out April 6th on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available via HERE. The digital edition can be purchased at THIS LOCATION.

BLACK SALVATION has announced a headlining European tour in April around the album’s release. A full list of dates is available below.

4/03/2018 Ostpol – Dresden, DE
4/04/2018 Dots – Gottingen, DE
4/05/2018 Kurzbar – Mannheim, DE
4/06/2018 Neues Schauspiel – Leipzig, DE
4/07/2018 Schlachthof – Eisenach, DE
4/08/2018 TBA – Cologne, DE
4/10/2018 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/11/2018 Lygtens Kro – Copenhagen, DK
4/12/2018 Zukunft am Ostkreuz – Berlin, DE

Paul Schlesier – guitar, vocals
Birger Schwidop – bass
Uno Bruniusson – drums

Black Salvation, “In a Casket’s Ride”

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