Ararat Post “Los Escombros de Jardin” Video; Cabalgata Hacia la Luz Vinyl Available


Buenos Aires trio Ararat have released their third and latest album, 2014’s Cabalgata Hacia la Luz (review here), as a limited-edition red vinyl through South American Sludge Records in a pressing of 500 copies. Not a lot of copies, in other words. The record — featuring cover art for which a red platter could not possibly be more appropriate, what with all the red and all — was in many ways a stripping down for the outfit led by bassist/vocalist Sergio Chotsourian (Los Natas, his Sergio Ch. solo work, etc.), taking the thick-toned heavy psych of 2012’s II (review here) and shifting away from a focus on longer-form material and toward driving, classically engaging heavy rock and roll.

To that end, “Los Escombros de Jardin,” for which Ararat have newly issued a video to go with the Cabalgata Hacia la Luz vinyl, represents the album well. The song careens through its five-plus minutes, with Chotsourian, guitarist Tito Fargo and drummer Alfredo Felitte working at a full push throughout, winding into and out of a memorable chorus that speaks to a lot but not necessarily the entirety of what Cabalgata Hacia la Luz has to offer listeners. I’ve been somewhat curious as to Ararat‘s status as Chotsourian has spent the last year-plus seemingly more focused on his solo incarnation and getting the new trio Soldati up and running, but the video and LP seem like a pretty definitive answer that Ararat aren’t done quite yet, and so are all the more welcome.

More info, translated to the best of my/the internet’s ability, follows the clip below. Please enjoy:

Ararat, “Los Escombros de Jardin” official video

This video is a very important part of what the band proposed on “CABALGATA HACIA LA LUZ.”

It’s time we got to the point and place in our lives where there is no choice but to accept the past, the ruins and traces left by our way of living; The place where we are today, to become of force and the need to change things value.

Serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. Without silence our truths, “SPITTING FINALLY TO SAY WHAT YOU HAVE.”

“LOS ESCOMBROS DE JARDIN” is the new video of ARARAT, performed and directed by the Guzman brothers.

It is also the video release of the new “CABALGATA HACIA LA LUZ” LP edition, recently published by SOUTH AMERICAN RECORDS SLUDGE and manufactured in Germany in a limited edition of 500 copies translucent red.

Ararat on Thee Facebooks

Sergio Ch. website

South American Sludge website

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