Electric Wizard Announce New Album Due this Halloween

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Electric Wizard


315 tweets 0 photos/videos 53.1K followers. Check out the latest Tweets from article sources (@WritersPlace_) DELIVERY EXPECTED IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN RELEASE VIA SPINEFARM RECORDS…

Spinefarm Records are aware that free and wild cult leaders, ELECTRIC WIZARD, are working on their ninth studio album, with delivery expected in time for a Halloween 2016 release.

This is all the information available. The whereabouts of the band and the recording / mixing details are not currently known, but more news should follow in due course…

This new offering will be the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Time to Die’ – which can be purchased HERE– and will be the second release on the band’s ‘Witchfinder Records’ imprint, the result of a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records.

‘Time to Die’ effectively closed the lid on a particular part of the band’s career, and this new album will represent a fresh turn of the turf…

Until that time, get your fix of pure evil at one of these live performances:-

08/26/16 – Psycho Las Vegas, Las Vegas, US

EW recently headlined ‘Desertfest’ in both Berlin and London, finishing off the festivals (and the attendees’ ear drums) with the sort of performances that have made them the true gate-keepers of UK metal’s great & glorious traditions.

For More Info Visit:

Electric Wizard, Live at Desertfest Berlin 2016

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19 Responses to “Electric Wizard Announce New Album Due this Halloween”

  1. Jose Humberto says:

    They said “time to die” were going to be as heavy as “dopethrone” and ended sounding the same as “witchcult” and “black masses” , I think they are not in the mood anymore to return to heavier stuff, it seems Oborn are way too much into the 70s psycho horror aestetics to combine that with the heavyness demanded in the 2000s

    I hope im wrong with this coming album

  2. Cory F says:

    Definitely giving it a shot though I’m not as hyped about the band as I was many years ago. If they go with Toerag Studios and Liam Watson again I’d imagine it will probably sound interchangeable with the last three albums.

  3. Jorge says:

    Humberto… Time to Die is heavier than you, your comment and the Sun combined.

    But if a lyric like “wake up your babies, it’s time to die” isn’t heavy enough for you, you should consider hammering your face into your steel balls just to grasp the meaning of “heavy”.

    • Jose Humberto says:

      Jorgito, having nearly 1,000 heavy metal albums I think I know what im talking about and I know the difference between heavy and HEAVY

      ps. heavier than me? than my comment? than the sun? are you seven years old? please be more concise , you missed the “…and your mom is” in your repply

      so , softer music but with disturbing lyrics is enough to call heavy any song? I think you consider rap music heavy too in that case.

      you should consider suicide.

      and show better arguments , anyone will eat you alive as I just did

      • Donald Trump says:

        Fuck off. I wanna hear your album that you wrote that is heavier than Electric Wizard

        • Jose Humberto says:

          hahahahaha! Donald Trump? oh yes you are hurting me now
          I have lived in London FYI , never in the US.

          I dont need to be a musician that was never my vocation, I have my own corporation (big business) and I make more money than any musician in this kind of music genre would dream AND YOU WOULD DREAM!

          just because im a music collector and I love all heavy styles , doesnt mean you will killme telling me that I wouldnt make a record like EW.

          that never have been my goal in life , idiot

  4. Dom says:

    Smoke Weed Everyday!

  5. Boris says:

    Heavy isn’t how fast, or how distorted things are. Heavy is an atmosphere. It’s a vibe. Some of the heaviest bands out there are crushing, and doing it with very little distortion, slow tempos, and clean vocals. Sabbath will always be eternally heavier than, say, Slayer or Deicide. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of opinion.

  6. grargh says:

    The loudness war debate is back! Surely ‘heavy’ is a balance of bass and an edge of clarity. Some of that is down to writing and playing, but a lot is down to equipment and the recording process. I was really into this band around the Dopethrone era….which must rank as the heaviest album a doom band could ever make. They tried to go even heavier with Let Us Prey, and just ended with a distorted mess. Remember it’s just about the balance between bass and treble and how loud you can go before that power starts to fray around the edges and turn to weak distortion. I’m not surprised they got sick of trying. The Wizard’s place in the heavy metal hall of fame is already assured, they don’t have to break through 0db to prove it to anyone.

  7. Jose Humberto says:

    I think its not about trying to prove anything regarding heavyness , I think its about please the fans with what they want or would wish more.

    I consider theres different ways to be heavy and the “Dopethrone” kind of heavy is what fans wish more , maybe because the formula used from “we live” to “time” have been repeated a lot lately , Dopethrone formula would refresh the band again .

    I really dont like to argue with another visitors , but im not one of those that just because I love a band very much , justify everything the band does.

    thats ok for those who like everything (only they know if they are honest about it) but I dont see why I should consider “hammering my face” as Jorgito said for a stupid record I didnt like a 100% .

    I love music but im not a retarded to do that :) I let that to others

  8. Ryno says:

    I must be in the quiet minority here, but I think “Dopethrone” was their worst sounding album. A few classic jams on there but the mix, or the Peavy’s, killed it for me. I think their whole catalog is great, and I love the diversity in sounds from one album to the next. But in my mind, nothing will ever top Supercoven. I’m still a huge fan of the first two albums, and “Let Us Prey”. But “Time to Die” is absolutely the most nerve-wracking, gloomiest and depressing thing they’ve done in a long time. In a good way!

  9. Dutch gus says:

    Well maybe I’ve thought about this too much over the years but I think identity is the key here. Up to Dopethrone the wizard lads knew who they were. It wasn’t always comfortable, and didn’t always work (see disastrous tour stories 1 to 387) but it was Electric Wizard. Come a sniff of exposure and suddenly they had to redefine themselves in the context of others’ view of them, a place that had been uncomfortable in their own lives up until them. Result: they made one uncomfortable album (Let Us Prey is really just a few jams bolted together) and flew apart. Everything since has been Jus trying to establish and cement a persona for himself and the band that reconciles The Outsider with the new ‘society’ Electric Wizard. Some dig it, some don’t. Thus far it’s not worked for me, but then maybe I feel more kinship with the three Dorset jitters that put out the early works.

    • Cory F says:

      This is eerily spot on though I really like “Let Us Prey…”. The first four albums (Though I do like We Live and Witchcult) were their prime years no matter how many glowing Pitchfork reviews the recent records get.

      Then again, I also think Time to Die is an utterly complacent effort and easily their worst album by a stone mile too.

      • Dutch gus says:

        Oh don’t get me wrong, I really dig Let Us Prey. For years I had a shitty tape of a shitty cd burn of a shitty download that I used to blast through my shitty car speakers, especially in the summer. It’s a scrappy album though. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever heard a proper copy through a decent stereo so it may be very different to my impressions of the sound! Song wise it’s an uneasy development from Dopethrone however, and that much is clear whatever the sound quality.

  10. Satan says:

    Hail satan and electric wizard !!!!

  11. death666 says:

    hail baphomet

  12. TheDarkOne says:

    Hail Lucifer

  13. Arniceous says:

    Waiting for 2016 Album by end of October now its November and not even an update. You guys pulling a U2! :D :D :D

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