Electric Wizard, Time to Die: Saturn Descending

electric wizard time to die

Eight album’s deep into one of doom’s highest-profile careers, You may feel anxious and uncertain whether it is physically possible to provide a chance to pay to Basel Universitat Dissertation for me cheap, taking into account that the topic looks very specific. Many people find it very suspicious that such huge and difficult essays can be written very quickly, but that is only because they have never met one of our writers that have done many similar tasks and understand Electric Wizard don’t leave much room for middle ground. Indeed, the massively-influential Dorset forebears seem to delight in dividing listeners, and since their return in 2007 with¬† 315 tweets ē 0 photos/videos ē 53.1K followers. Check out the latest Tweets from Dissertation Proofreading Service Desks (@WritersPlace_) Witchcult Today, they’ve continued to refine a cultish, horror-obsessed approach to malevolent stoner noise that can be taken one of two ways: It’s either brilliant or it’s terrible. 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I’ll say that in the argument between genius or bullshit, the former perspective makes¬†Time to Die¬†a lot more fun. As¬†Oborn¬†and fellow guitarist¬†Liz Buckingham¬†seem to reference “The Phantom of the Opera” in the central riff of 10:45 opener “Incense for the Damned,” the vibe is immediately familiar for its darkness and for the hateful wash that fades in¬†from the¬†Sabbathian sampled rainfall. Of course, half the appeal of¬†Electric Wizard¬†particularly since¬†Witchcult Today¬†has been their ability to balance these chaotic atmospheres with a catchy bounce, and “Incense for the Damned” follows suit in that — bass on the album seems to have been handled by¬†Clayton Burgess¬†of¬†Satan’s Satyrs¬†and someone going by¬†Count Orlof — as does the subsequent title-track and the penultimate “Lucifer’s Slaves,” but if there’s progress to be heard anywhere on¬†Time to Die¬†it’s in how much¬†Electric Wizard¬†have managed to blend their rhythmic hooks with freakouts of bleak, grainy psychedelia, songs like “I am Nothing” and the zombie-incantation “We Love the Dead” leaning to one side or another as the well-constructed overarching flow of¬†the album plays out. “Funeral of Your Mind,” which opens the second platter of the 2LP release and the CD follows the well-placed samples topping the otherwise instrumental “Destroy Those Who Love God,” is the most effective at bringing together these various elements, and though it’s not as memorable as “Time to Die,” it’s a demonstrative high point (low point?) of¬†Electric Wizard‘s ever-purposeful stylistic plunge. The guitars, forward in the mix as ever, ring out depravity in every swirl and¬†Greening‘s drums stomp a far-back snare to ground¬†Oborn‘s vague, effects-laden croon, which leads a gradual descent into the goateed mirror¬†universe evil twin of what might otherwise be called a jam.

electric wizard

Ultimately, how much further¬†Electric Wizard¬†can push their current pursuit before it winds up sounding watered down or loses its visceral edge is a debate for another time. As the band’s third installment of the¬†Oborn/Buckingham¬†era,¬†Time to Die¬†is invariably a sequel to the two most recent albums before it, but though it continues some themes from Black Masses¬†and¬†Witchcult Today¬†— closer “Saturn Dethroned” echoes “Destroy Those Who Love God”‘s gloomy instrumental approach, ending with a return to the rainfall that began “Incense for the Damned,” but the prior two LPs also had titles referring to Saturn — there is a personality on display in its darker, more vicious take, and where¬†Black Masses¬†was more of¬†Electric Wizard‘s psychedelic party record,¬†Time to Die¬†is more twisted and relentless in its mood. Even the shorter, more relatively straightforward “SadioWitch” resides in a pervasive tonal murk, and its feel characterizes much of where the band is at throughout. There may be a formula at work here, but it’s not stagnant, and whether or not¬†Electric Wizard¬†have actually reached bottom is something that only subsequent offerings can tell. For now, their downward-minded progression¬†is ongoing¬†even as their notoriety continues to spread, and though they’ve contributed two generational landmarks over the course of their career in¬†Dopethrone¬†and¬†Witchcult Today, very little on¬†Time to Die¬†seems to indicate they’re ready to live up to the title. For their legions of converted, the album will be another gospel of bleary-eyed triumph, and the rest will likely remain unpersuaded. Doesn’t look¬†to have hurt the band any. It might be time on their next full-length for them to cut a new path or at least branch further off the one they’ve been on for the last seven years, but wherever¬†Electric Wizard go, many follow.

Electric Wizard, Time to Die (2014)

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