Colin H. Van Eeckhout of Amenra Releasing Solo Album Rasa Next Month


Just going by what I can tell from “Rasa,” the video for which is posted below, it seems like the upcoming solo debut of the same name from Amenra vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout is perhaps a bit more textured than one generally thinks of in the guy-and-guitar context of solo albums. This works to the benefit of “Rasa” itself, though I wouldn’t bet on the title-cut to speak for the entirety of Rasa itself, which is likely varied in its approach. It’ll be an interesting one to hear when it hits via Consouling Sounds on Dec. 18 — just in time for the holidays! — and as noted below, Amenra will play Roadburn 2016 twice, once acoustic and once electric.

Maybe a solo performance gets added as well? Who said you could only have one artist-in-residence?

The PR wire has album details:

colin h. van eeckhout rasa

AMENRA’s Colin H. van Eeckhout to release debut solo album, RASA, on December 18th; Pre-orders now available

Colin H. van Eeckhout is best known when he is surrounded by kindred his spirits AMENRA, but now he steps into the limelight on his own. This first solo album, RASA, was preluded by a split 7” he released together with Nate Hall. In the meantime however, CHVE crafted his music and transformed it into a whole unique entity, now solely using a hurdy gurdy and his voice as instruments to dig deep within his own self.

This is CHVE at his most vulnerable. Just a man, his thoughts, scars and memories, with his voice and his instrument. The album is magnificently produced by Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Sembler Deah), and brings long soundscapes capturing in ambient and droning sounds, what lies beyond what can be grasped by words.

CHVE started to build his album out of an empty void. He built layer upon layer, and rebuilt and reconstructed to complete his universe called RASA. The album ended up somewhere between folk, drone and ritual. But above all, the album is a conquest, a meditation and it offers an inward journey, between grief and tears.

AMENRA shall be performing twice at the 2016 edition of the renowned Roadburn Festival, playing an acoustic set, with an expanded band of musicians, immediately before Neurosis on the Saturday, and again will take to the main stage on Sunday night to play an electric set. The performances at Roadburn are currently the only planned live outings for AMENRA in 2016, as they intend to dedicate much of the year to simultaneously writing both a second acoustic offering – this time a full-length release – and the follow up to latest album, Mass V.

CHVE’S debut solo album, RASA, will see light on December 18th via Consouling Sounds, where you can pre-order on both CD and LP formats. The album release show will take place on 13th December at the AB Club, with Innerwoud as support. There will be more CHVE live shows in the new year as support of Scott Kelly during his EU winter tour.

CHVE, “Rasa”

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