Greenleaf, Agents of Ahriman: Climbing Alishan Mountain

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The story of Swedish heavy rockers Hire industry leading services from most qualified and professional writers. We are recognized as top dissertation help company Greenleaf is one of perpetual evolution. There is no point in the outfit’s 16-year history at which they were doing the same thing twice. From their 2000 self-titled debut EP on buy a definition paper Nyu see url help with dissertation writing zombie story writing a dissertation for dummies youtube Molten Universe (someday it will be mine), through the subsequent 2001 debut full-length, Bush summary: Do my math Thesis And Dissertation Writing for where can i buy a speech me. Revolution Rock (discussed here), the beginnings of their association with Ė the best writing service for students where expert writers can Solar Energy Essay of any complexity! Small Stone Records on 2003’s Although good en glish include plurals, mass ghostwriting services rates nouns, abstractions, or names of players who scored Secret Alphabets, the grand productions of 2007’s Affordable Freelance Article & tu delft master thesis repositorys. Hire a freelance writer or blogger expert services and get your writing project done within 24hr Agents of Ahriman and 2012’s How i found the best education service provider to Get More Info for me, and why they turn out to be the best for me on Studybay Nest of Vipers (review here) and the sustainable touring presence they became with 2014’s Ė the best writing service for students where expert writers can Admission Essay Writing 6th Canadian Edition of any complexity! Trails and Passes, which recently led to their signing with - No more fails with our high class writing services. Cooperate with our scholars to receive the excellent review Napalm Records for the release of their next album — currently in production — they’ve never been quite in the same place as a band. And for the most part, they haven’t had the same lineup either.

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I do not at all mind telling you that Agents of Ahriman stands among my favorite heavy rock records — period. Of any era. Certainly it was one of the finest outings of the aughts, and I consider it a flawless execution of songwriting and performance. Not one second of its nine tracks/37 minutes is superfluous. Led by Holappa, Greenleaf bring a character to the modus of classic heavy rock that few have been able to parallel, let alone match, both presaging and out-boogieing the retro rock movement while still sounding modern in B√§cke‘s production, melodically complex in Cedermalm‘s arrangements, varied through the guest appearances — not at all limited to vocals; Jocke √Öhslund‘s Hammond featuring on “Black Tar,” “Alishan Mountain,” “The Lake” and “Ride Another Highway,” while John Hoyles (now of Troubled Horse) adds a guitar solo to opener “Highway Officer” and Linus Arnberg brings cowbell stomp to swing-happy closer “Stray Bullit Woman” — and outright unstoppable in its righteousness of groove. Front to back, it is the kind of record one could use as a textbook to teach children about the joys of rock and roll.

And if this sounds like hyperbole, it is earned in the hyper-memorable choruses of “Alishan Mountain” and “Ride Another Highway” —¬†Hermansen‘s one-man call and response rivaling¬†Cedermalm‘s own — and in the spaciousness of the six-minute “Sleep Paralysis,” which in its last¬†moments finally seems to be driving toward a payoff of its track-long tension, only to cut out at the moment of impact, breaking the rule under which it seemed to be playing, in¬†Bergstrand¬†doing his best¬†Mark Lanegan¬†on the attitude-soaked “Black Tar,” and in the riffs of “Highway Officer,” “Treehorn” and particularly organ-ic “The Lake,” which was the centerpiece of the CD and on the vinyl is the beginning point for a five-track side B that only gets richer as it pushes — and, in the case of “Ride Another Highway,” propels — toward “Stray Bullit Woman” as the closing statement. A¬†more swaggering performance from¬†Cedermalm there never has been, and the progression over which it comes is worthy of¬†being called¬†Mountain-esque — not a comparison to be made lightly.

There is one last guest appearance before¬†Agents of Ahriman¬†is finished, and it’s¬†Emil Leo, who after emerging from a swirl of effects asks the simple question “And now what?” Eight years after the album’s initial release — worth noting this is the first time it’s out on vinyl — we know to some extent.¬†Dozer¬†would issue their final (to-date; one can always hope) full-length in the form of 2008’s¬†Beyond Colossal, and after a few years of inactivity,¬†Greenleaf¬†would be resurrected again, this time with¬†Dozer‘s¬†Johan Rockner on guitar and Olle M√•rthans on drums for Nest of VipersDozer bassist/vocalist Fredrik Nordin also made a guest appearance, along with Bergstrand and keymaster Per Wiberg¬†— and began a touring cycle. That would be the end of¬†Cedermalm‘s run with the band,¬†Truckfighters taking priority as a worldwide touring entity and an outfit of increasing profile, and vocalist¬†Arvid Jonsson took up the difficult mantle ably on¬†Trails and Passes,¬†Sebastian Olsson¬†also stepping into the drummer role.

Greenleaf¬†remains in seemingly permanent flux, and what their next record might bring when it arrives I wouldn’t speculate to say other than to note the reliable quality of¬†Holappa‘s songcraft, which in partnership with¬†B√§cke‘s production, was so¬†plainly on display with¬†Agents of Ahriman¬†in its whole-album, all-killer impact. The LP version is a somewhat different experience, the sides not quite breaking evenly with the second longer than the first, but whether you’ve experienced what I consider¬†Greenleaf‘s finest hour yet —¬†Nest of Vipers¬†was a grander affair and showed progression, but these songs are tattooed on my brain — or whether you’ve never heard the thing, it still proves itself to be an utterly essential listen for anyone and everyone who wants to know what heavy rock sounds like at its most right. You can say I’m overstating it if you want. You’re wrong. It’s already stood up to eight years, and listening to the vinyl, I hear no reason¬†Agents of Ahriman¬†won’t continue to endure into perpetuity. Recommended.

Greenleaf, Agents of Ahriman (2007/2015)

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3 Responses to “Greenleaf, Agents of Ahriman: Climbing Alishan Mountain”

  1. daniel says:

    is john hoyles still in troubled horse? i thought he was just concentrating on spiders at the moment. i rate him, a lot…

  2. Shaman Journey says:

    This album will always hold a soft spot in my heart. It was one of those late night gems found endlessly scrolling through unknown bands on youtube trying to find something new and exciting. At a time when I was a big metal head, and the metal scene had an over abundant amount of deathcore, mathcore metalcore coming out of it, this album reminded me of the 70’s rock n’ roll I grew up on listening to my old man’s records. This album introduced me to a whole new world of music, a rock scene that I didn’t think existed anymore.

    • Best kind of thing to hear. Thank you for taking the time to tell this story about your connection to this record. It remains a favorite of mine as well, and I also come from more of a heavy metal background. Awesome that it opened up an exploration of heavy rock for you. I hope you’ve found more stuff out there that resonates in the same way.

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