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I was coming down to the end of this one and decided that I couldn’t let it go without including one more track to push it toward the two-hour mark, and the weirdness of Skunk Hawk’s “Lovers of Pompeii” won out. All bets were off after JPT Scare Band anyway. Nothing to lose between that and Jonas Munk and Headless Kross. Kind of all over the place stylstically there, but each song is so immersive on its own that I figured it would work one way or another. Heaven forbid you change it up once or twice in 60 minutes. Ha.

The first hour gets pretty heavy as well — I suppose it starts that way, with Ufomammut leading off, but look out. Once Wren kicks in from the Jarboe & Helen Money track, that, Gale and Watchtower get into some serious heft. Not that the others don’t, but you know what I mean. Blah blah blah riffs. Oh yeah, and I totally snuck in some new Acid King there, because that record is killer. So dig on that for sure if you haven’t yet. As always, hope you enjoy:

First Hour:
Ufomammut, “Plouton” from Ecate
Royal Thunder, “Time Machine” from Crooked Doors
Boarchucker, “Red Rain” from Swine Throne
Suzukiton, “Snakehead” from Suzukiton II
Jarboe & Helen Money, “Hello Mr. Blue” from Jarboe & Helen Money
Wren, “Before the Great Silence” from split with Irk
Gale, “Burn Your Person” from Vol. 1
Watchtower, “Living Heads” from Radiant Moon
Leather Nun America, “Bourgeois Pig” from Buddha Knievel
Worshipper, “High above the Clouds” from Black Corridor/High above the Clouds
Acid King, “Red River” from Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere

Second Hour:
Headless Kross, “Rural Juror” from Volumes
Jonas Munk, “Absorb” from Absorb Fabric Cascade
JPT Scare Band, “Sleeping Sickness” from Acid Acetate Excursion & Rape of the Titan’s Sirens
Skunk Hawk, “Lovers of Pompeii” from Skunk Hawk

Total running time: 1:59:24


Thank you for listening.

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9 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 046”

  1. Obvious & Odious says:

    Excited to check this one out, from the Ufomammut to the Acid King, and you sold the 2nd hour pretty well…. Is it possible to get a running time for each track or to list the podcast time that each track starts? I’m usually unfamiliar with most of the stuff, then I’ll hear something I dig but it can be hard to figure out what band it is without the times (or going back to the start and counting). This frustrates me, and sometimes causes me to skip the podcast (lame but true…)

  2. greenskeeper says:

    Woah, new Suzukiton??? When did that happen? That first record kicked ass.

  3. The Central Scrutinizer says:

    I have to agree with Obviuos & Odius. I thought I was the only one that had a problem with deciphering what was what on the track list! A running time for the tracks would help alot!

    • Dave says:

      Ha, I just came to the comments to post that as well. I know HP does this for the love of music, but it would be great to get the time stamps of the tracks! Either way, thanks for putting these together I always discover a ton of music.

  4. Joey Rudell says:

    I really loving this Royal Thunder jam right now. nice contrast to Ufomammut too haha. Thanks. my next couple hours shall be well spent.

  5. Steev says:

    Digging that Boarchucker track, where’d those guys come from?

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