Rhin Premiere “Consumed” from New Album Bastard


West Virginian trio Rhin will release their second album, Bastard, Dec. 1 through Grimoire Records. It is a noisy barrage of a record, taking cues in aggressive and abrasiveness from Unsane and Sourvein and concocting a vicious churn from them that seems to spit at you even through speakers. Songs like “Bull Doze” and the quicker “I Want More” tread heavy on the line between punk and heavy noise, taking root with a nasty sort of drive that takes on different forms throughout Bastard‘s seven tracks, but never seems to relent no matter where it turns.

“Consumed,” which closes, is the culmination of all this tension. Rhin‘s late-2013 self-titled debut was also seven tracks that rounded out with a closer extended in comparison to what surrounded it, but Bastard feels more assured, the trio of bassist/vocalist Dominic Gianninoto, guitarist Tucker Riggleman and drummer Ben Proudman storming their way through “Ted’s Shed,” “Gravy” and the penultimate furiousness of “Man is Bastard” (not to be confused with powerviolence pioneers Man is the Bastard) with rhin bastardimmediacy and confidence. In that it’s 10 minutes long and the rest of the album’s tracks are less than half that in runtime, and takes more of a building approach rather than unleashing its onslaught all at once, “Consumed” maybe doesn’t represent the entirety of Bastard as much as another cut might, but I think after you make your way through it, you’ll be able to get a decent sense of what Rhin are going for and you’ll have a hard time arguing it doesn’t live up to its title.

After climbing to a midpoint apex, “Consumed” opens up to a more languid groove, calling to mind an East Coast answer to some of Akimbo‘s swaying explorations and never losing its sense of purpose as the adrenaline gradually returns, measure by measure until the final chugging, feedback, sample and fade take hold. “Consumed” is not a light undertaking, but it serves to demonstrate that the entirety of Rhin‘s scope can’t necessarily be summarized either by noise rock or sludge. If you let it carry you, it will:

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Rhin‘s Bastard is out Dec. 1 on Grimoire Records and is available now to preorder. More info at the links.

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