Decibel Counts Down the Top 100 Doom Albums

I have nothing but respect for Decibel. For one thing, when Metal Maniacs went under, a lot of my former colleagues — including writer  Chris Dick, mentioned below for penning the Cathedral “Hall of Fame” piece — wound up working for them (some of us forayed into even less profitable realms, like the internet), but in the age of print media collapse, they’ve managed to not only stay relevant within what they cover, but to become the standard-bearer for coverage of a wide variety of metallic styles. As someone who spent a decade in print, it’s hard not to admire their accomplishments. Plus, they brought back flexi discs, and that was something that needed to happen.

They’ve got a new special issue out counting down the best doom metal albums of all time. You can see from the cover some of what’s included and it seems like a pretty wide variety, from Witchfinder General to Candlemass (properly placed front and center), Electric WizardPentagramType O NegativeDisembowelment, The ObsessedAcid Bath and so on. In the tradition of their black metal and death metal lists, I’m sure there will be calls to agree with and disagree with, but that’s more than half the fun of this kind of thing.

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decibel doom albums issue

Feeling depressed? Antisocial? Apathetic? We’ve got just the thing: The Top 100 Doom Metal Albums of All Time special issue! Hey, we never said we’d be good therapists.

But let’s keep it real: all the counseling you need is in these pages. Our staff navigated six decades (!) of proto-doom, funeral doom, gothic doom, stoner doom melodic doom and even “doom-pop” (don’t sound the false alarm; we’re talking Floor) to bring you 100 unassailable exemplars of the genre, supplemented with brand new interview content and top picks from a variety of doom’s living legends.

Craving more? Chris Dick got together with sadly defunct U.K. doom titans Cathedral and assembled an exclusive Hall of Fame on sophomore stunner The Ethereal Mirror, a truly progressive album that may have been unsung upon its 1993 release, but has only garnered more renown with age. It’s the centerpiece of an issue featuring 100 percent never-before-seen content. (Please note: the annual special issue is not included as part of subscriptions.)

Winter is upon us, friends. Procure this one-of-a-kind issue here. If you want to get lost in history, grab a special bundle containing all of Decibel’s last four special issues that are still in print. And if you prefer to sextuple down on sheer, crippling despondence, pick up this special issue as part of our doom bundle.

Candlemass, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)


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