The Socks, The Socks: Voice in the Mountain

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Couple that with a production more modern than either of the aforementioned touchstones of the style, and the Lyon foursome seem to be headed somewhere else within the classic heavy framework. In both their speedier material — the rush of “Some Kind of Sorcery,” though met with an impressive slowdown in its middle third, is immediate and indicative of! Pass courses without too much pain with Master Papers. Confidentiality guaranteed. The Socks at their fastest here — and in the more languid grooves of songs like “Holy Sons,” on which Paper Writers Help. Students writing dissertations already know that it is one of the toughest and yet most important papers that they will have to write for their course. This is because it accounts for a great score in a studentís path. A dissertation demands a lot of focus, time, and attention, not to mention hours of research on the selected topic. Therefore it is Ensenat effectively propels the build with organic-sounding kick, the band is confident, well assured of where they want pieces to go. Structurally traditional, songs have their hooks, but don’t come across as being written solely to get stuck in the audience’s head. “Electric War” finds M√©ret and Baud working well together on vocals in what sounds like a dynamic that will continue to develop as The Socks progress, but catchy as that track’s chorus is, the more lasting impression is leaves comes from the stomp in its midsection and the ease with which the band plays one rhythm off the other. They’ve been a band for half a decade (if you’re interested in reading their bio, I wrote it), and a grip on time changes like theirs doesn’t develop without considerable stage time, but it still feels like early mastery of pitting slowdowns and speedups against each other — that is, something they brought to the table initially instead of something that evolved over the course of their two prior EPs, 2011’s Side A and 2012’s Bedrock, and the songwriting for the self-titled. Either way, it’s there, and it’s a big part of the album’s appeal.

To that appeal, one must add the overarching flow between the songs. The Socks have obviously had an awareness of vinyl structuring since their first EP — the title is a big clue — and at 43 minutes long,¬†The Socks¬†is still vinyl-ready, but taken in digital or CD form, the nine tracks move remarkably smoothly one to the next. There are a few solid breaks, as between “Gypsy Lady” and the righteously thickened groove of “We Live,” but even there the changes make sense, and earlier in the album, opener “Lords of Illusion” holds its last note to feed right into the vocals that start “Some Kind of Sorcery,” which in turn holds its last note to bring in “Next to the Light,” into “New Kings” and so on. Side B, as it were, is less concerned with that, but more dynamic sonically, with the organ-driven classic heavy rock bounce of “Gypsy Lady” and the more dramatic build of “The Last Dragon” to finish out the album on a particularly cinematic note. The closer’s second half is especially reliant on the keys to fill out the sound, as guitars step back, the bass halts and even the snare roll fades out. With about a minute and a half to go, however, The Socks burst back to life (this is where the Mellotron comes into play) at full volume and give their debut a proper apex that earns its place as the finale. It’s short, obviously, but a suitable end to an album that has moved with striking ease through rhythmic complexities that would boggle many bands, and one that more and more on repeat listens distinguishes The Socks from their contemporaries taking influence both from generations past and present in heavy rock.

The Socks, “Some Kind of Sorcery” from The Socks (2014)

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