audiObelisk: My Sleeping Karma Premiere “Ephedra” From New Album Soma

In the six years since their self-titled debut appeared on Elektrohasch, German heavy psych foursome My Sleeping Karma have ascended to one of the most singular approaches in the European scene. Their sound is synth-laden but often quiet and minimal, jam-based but structured, crisply toned but warm, technically intricate but never showy, and the richness in their instrumental approach has only grown as their material has gotten more complex.

Their last album, 2010’s Tri (review here), reached a level of development that the self-titled and its 2008 follow-up, Satya (review here), had only hinted toward, and having found a new home on the rising tide of Napalm Records‘ affiliation with the heavy underground, My Sleeping Karma answer the next-levelisms of Tri with Soma, a full-length the otherworldliness of which is writ large across its concept. The title refers to the Hindu drink of the gods, and each song is an ingredient, the mystical parts uniting toward one greater whole. In the best case scenario, this happens anyway with an album, but the flow My Sleeping KarmaSeppi on guitar, Steffen on drums, Matte on bass, Norman on keys — craft across these tracks is all the more appropriately presented in liquid form. There is a grace in their psychedelia that few bands can boast.

Today I have the pleasure of hosting “Ephedra,” the second ingredient, for your streaming pleasure. The song stands among the most effective of Soma‘s linear builds, which are offset by companion interludes no less gorgeous or lush than anything surrounding. My Sleeping Karma, fresh off performances at both the Yellowstock and Aquamaria festivals, have included more info on the album’s themes below — along with release info and well-sourced arguments in its favor — but whether or not you indulge in Soma‘s conceptual aspects, the lushness of “Ephedra” speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy:

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MY SLEEPING KARMA have already achieved an considerable status in the music scene by releasing superb albums and playing incredible live shows. The fourth album “Soma” follows the band’s own individualistic and atmospheric path towards enlightenment. Following the meaning of the album title (“Soma” is the intoxicating drink of the gods), the instrumental Psychedelic Groove Rock of the German quartet enhances the consciousness in a truly hypnotic and bewitching manner. The multilayered compositions move skilfully between heavy rock riffs and enchanting melodic parts with a high level of calmness and beauty. “Soma” is visually complimented by Sebastian Jerke’s artwork that is filled with astonishing details and beauty.  “Soma” offers the perfect movie soundtrack to everybody’s own inner journey. Just be warned, you may never want to leave again!

“Unparalleled, innovative, psychedelic. My Sleeping Karma makes addictive!” — Thorsten Zahn, Metal Hammer  Germany

“When a song has melody and makes you feel, especially with no vocals….its a rare thing to find that kind of trance these days, this band does exactly that” — John Garcia, Kyuss Lives!

“The new My Sleeping Karma album, ‘Soma’, is a sprawling, slab of solid yet laid-back psychedelic rock. A heady mix of Red Sparowes, Hawkwind and even Pink Floyd they have created soundscapes for the ultimate come-down! This is a perfect record for the morning after the night before!” –- Ben Ward, Orange Goblin

ESP/FIN/SWE/GR: 26.09.2012
G/A/S & Benelux: 28.09.2012
EUROPE: 01.10.2012
USA/CAN: 09.10.2012

1. Pachyclada
2. Ephedra
3. Eleusine coracana
4. Saumya
5. Somalatha
6. Psilocybe

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3 Responses to “audiObelisk: My Sleeping Karma Premiere “Ephedra” From New Album Soma

  1. Dominic says:

    I was waiting for the studio release since 8th of april 2011 in Leuven (BE), the first time it was played live :)

  2. Thorsten says:

    So great – Ephedra is what i´ve been waiting for so long – perfectly illuminating the inner night!!! The cover art is outstanding! And for my personal pleasure: i saw they invited “sheyk raleph” for a bonus track – one of the best musicians we actually have in germany! He inspires and has some heavenly connection – congratulations. Can´t wait to get the whole album!

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