My Sleeping Karma: German Psych Heads Take Tibetan Buddhism, Run With It On Second Album

Sure, the UN can try to do something about it, the Dalai Lama can be out and about in the mMy Sleeping Karma - Satyaedia and touring across the world, but even that’s only going to get you so far. What the Free Tibet movement really needs is four Deutsche psychedelic (mostly) instrumental hippies championing their cause.

And that’s just what it gets with Satya.

Satya is MSK’s second record for ?bercool German label Elektrohasch, and it’s not so far removed from 2006’s self-titled musically. There are some sparse vocals, some sampled chants and finally a message from the Dalai Lama himself (how did they get him into the studio?), but mostly it’s just laid back psych grooves and fuzzy stoner guitars that get active but not necessarily aggressive on a cut like album centerpiece “A-Steya.” No complaints on that front.

If you can get behind the spirituality and haven’t heard enough about freeing Tibet from, well, everyone I guess, go for it. Should you happen to forget about all that stuff and just concentrate on the music — there’s a thought — you’ve got a pretty enjoyable album on your hands. Note: with every song named for an aspect of Buddhism, that whole “getting past it” thing might be more difficult than it sounds. Worth a shot though.

Good flow, solid, consistent groove and enough quiet spacey moments and interludes to be considered diverse. Provided you can get down with some serious cultural imperialism (white people to the rescue!), there isn’t anything to complain about. And oh yeah, free Tibet, man.

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