Wino Wednesday: The Obsessed, “Endless Circles” from Second Demo

Happy Wino Wednesday.

Very subtly, it’s been a while since we last had a track by The Obsessed for a Wino Wednesday. I guess I didn’t want to overdo it after seeing them in April, but anyway, time to rectify the issue. I could find no better way to do so than this version of “Endless Circles” taken from the band’s full-length 1982 demo. I don’t know who was in the band at this point, but that certainly sounds like Wino on vocals — as opposed to former Pentagram bassist Vance Bockis, who was singing with them in this era — and even in the rawer demo quality, he’s pretty distinct. Good enough for me.

“Endless Circles” would later show up toward the end of 1991’s sophomore album, Lunar Womb — by then the band was Wino on guitar/vocals, Scott Reeder on bass and Greg Rogers on drums (they’d both later go on to join Goatsnake, and in the case of Reeder, more immediately Kyuss) — and it seems to have come later on the demo as well. While that might lead one to think it’s a deeper cut not necessarily something the band really cared about, having buried it twice, consider the nine years between the demo and Lunar Womb and that the 2012 incarnation of The Obsessed played it at this year’s Roadburn. Sometimes a song just works better toward the end of a record.

As we start to close in on a full year of this feature, enjoy this obscure gem from the still-vast catalog, and as always, have a happy Wino Wednesday:

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