Kylesa Walk Their Own Course on Spiral Shadow

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Guitarist/vocalist Advanced Higher English Dissertation Help - Let us take care of your essay or dissertation. Entrust your assignment to us and we will do our best for you 100% non Laura Pleasants made a breakthrough on Kylesa’s last album, 2009’s Static Tensions (their final album on Prosthetic Records), and here she refines and redefines her role in the band. Her interplay with Cope, as on “Drop Out” – which also features some of Spiral Shadow’s best performances from McGinely and Newberry – makes that track among the record’s strongest, but it’s on songs like the poppier “Don’t Look Back,” where Kylesa approaches Torche-like accessibility, and “To Forget” that she really demonstrates how much she’s come into her own in terms of clean singing. It’s strange to think of Kylesa as a band with a frontperson of any kind, since up to this point it’s always been about the group’s performance as a whole, but to call Pleasants’ work on Spiral Shadow anything less than standout is to undersell it.

As ever with the band, I imagine mixing Spiral Shadow was a complete nightmare. So many elements at work at once, two guitars, two drummers, two vocalists and poor Barhorst all alone on bass. It’s a credit to the band that they manage to sound as crisp and tight as they do on prog noodler “Crowded Road,” on which Cope takes lead vocally with an energy and poise that bespeaks his own creative development. The band seems to have pared down somewhat structurally on Spiral Shadow, and by that I mean they tightened their songwriting and the songs themselves are shorter. “Drop Out” clocks at 4:29, and that’s only one of two tracks over four minutes. Songs like the dramatic “Distance Closing In,” the heavier “Forsaken” and of course “Don’t Look Back” and “To Forget” accomplish what they need to in time that where it not for the currently hellish climate thereof I might call “radio friendly.” If there’s a rule, however, there’s an exception, and that’s the title track, ninth of the total 12, which tops out at 10:24 and follows a more winding, open structure reminiscent of some of Kylesa’s past work. Even here, though, as the band transitions from a jammy melodic break into the song’s heftier midsection, progress is evident.

No doubt they’re a more powerful act for their increased focus on songwriting, as post-“Spiral Shadow” closing duo “Back and Forth” and “Dust” only seem to further reinforce. After what was unquestionably intended as the album’s apex, the ensuing two songs were bound to be something of a comedown, but the insistent punk drumming of the former pushes it through its 2:33 quickly and the finale offers airy guitars and an accomplished and atmospheric vocal from Cope, so it’s not like either is lacking. Kylesa had already shown themselves as able to affect a dark, heavy, sometimes oppressive atmosphere with their music, but on Spiral Shadow, they show another side that’s no less forceful for being less abrasive. I thought they were going to have their work cut out for them following Static Tensions (and, for that matter, 2006’s Time Will Fuse its Worth before that), but they’ve outdone themselves here and set a new bar for their future work. There will be those who decry its pop feel, but frankly, that’s their loss.

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  2. blehhh says:

    Personally, I thought Time Will Fuse Its Worth sucked HARD. Must be part of why the otherwise excellent Pandora radio gave me lots of metalcore when I created a Kylesa radio station. The S/T is the only one I like to any degree before ST, but listening to any one track from there individually sucks.

    An aside: I’ve never been much into acts like Torche where the pop elements of “sludge-pop” tend to be more overt.

  3. […] reading: The Obelisk » Blog Archive » Kylesa Walk Their Own Course on Spiral Shadow. (Special thanks to JJ Koczan for the very kind permission) Share and […]

  4. […] reading: The Obelisk » Blog Archive » Kylesa Walk Their Own Course on Spiral Shadow. (Special thanks to JJ Koczan for the very kind permission) Share and […]

  5. […] reading: The Obelisk » Blog Archive » Kylesa Walk Their Own Course on Spiral Shadow. (Special thanks to JJ Koczan for the very kind […]

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