VideObelisk Presents: Balboa MI Backstage Interview

Damn that dude is skinny. Hey buddy, eat a friggin' sandwich, would ya?As promised the other day, I do have a feature on the badass sludginess that is Balboa MI (not to be confused with the other Balboa, on Translation Loss). Unlike every other feature to this point, however, this one’s on video. I filmed this out back of the Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit with drummer Cletus, guitarists RayRay Nelson and Justin Collard, bassist John Cates and vocalist Jarrad Collard. I also have some live footage I might put up as soon as I find a video editing program that doesn’t blow monkey ass.

In the meantime, be sure to check them out on the MySpace, and as always, enjoy.

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2 Responses to “VideObelisk Presents: Balboa MI Backstage Interview”

  1. big lonn says:

    damn these fucks actually scored a interview!! hahaha thats awesome! wtf maybe next time they have some groupies lol rock on

  2. big lonn says:

    i live right by two of those fucks btw!! im not talkin shit! know them for like 15 years

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