Review, Full Album & Video Premiere: Soldati, Doom Nacional

Soldati Doom Nacional

[Click play above to stream Soldati’s Doom Nacional in its entirety. Video premiere for ‘Un Tren al Sol’ is below. Album is out Friday on Argonauta Records.]

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Tracks like ‚ÄúLa Electricidad del Arbol Caido‚ÄĚ (posted here) and ‚ÄúWhisky Negro‚ÄĚ (posted here), both of which feature on¬† buy computer science thesis Dissertation La Mort Au Thatre write community service scholarship essay best college admission essay 2012 Doom Nacional, have been made public before in other forms — indeed, an especially noise-caked take on at affordable essay writing service. Cheap prices, money back guarantee! Doom Nacional closer “Solar Tse” also appears at the end of¬† BUY ESSAY: 100% CUSTOM WRITTEN A+ ESSAYS, buy papers, etc. All papers are Top quality.GREAT PRICES AND DISCOUNTS.Only Satisfied From Skulls Born Beyond, so these lines between projects are malleable and have been for some time — so those who have followed¬† Chotsourian¬†for a number of years will doubtless approach¬†this first¬†Soldati¬†LP with a different context than those simply taking the band on as a first encounter. As a fan of¬†Chotsourian‘s work in¬†Los Natas,¬†Ararat and across his solo outings, I’ll confess I approached the seven-song/49-minute run of¬†Doom Nacional¬†with some trepidation, not knowing what was coming after such a variety of moods and vibes across the demos and videos and other posted performances, etc.

What a relief it was to finally hear it.

That brings us to the second perspective, of those less engaged with¬†Chotsourian‘s long history of contributions to South America’s underground. This type of listener will find¬†Soldati‘s¬†Doom Nacional to be a coherent, striking collection, variable in tempo and purpose, but united around a groove and charge that is immersive and exciting in kind. Desert rock with a harder edge and sharp craft; Argentinian heavy at its finest. Returning to guitar, Chotsourian¬†brings a signature kind of riffing to stretches of songs like opener “From Skulls” and the speedier sections of “Suicide Girl” and “Los Secretos de Shiva” that, punctuated by¬†Ararat¬†bandmate¬†Alfredo Fellite¬†on drums (a collaboration well worth continuing), plays all the more to a classic Mot√∂rhead¬†volatility that comes with desert hues, tying¬†Los Natas and¬†Ararat¬†together even as¬†Soldati — rounded out by bassist Lucas Cassinelli, who makes one of several striking impressions on the penultimate “Un Tren al Sol” — strives to create its own sonic persona.

Soldati, “Un Tren al Sol” official video premiere

With five of the seven inclusions longer than seven minutes long and the other two over five, each song is given time to flesh out as it will and a natural course that includes numerous stops and sudden thrusts, head-down grooves and turns of melody in cuts like “Whisky Negro” and the 8:34 “Solar Tse” that make for highlights unto themselves. As the centerpiece, “La Electricidad del Arbol Caido” summarizes much of what makes¬†Doom Nacional work so well. It is fluid in rhythm and organic in presentation — its tones are by no means raw or wanting viscosity, and will be readily familiar to¬†Los Natas fans¬†but neither are they overproduced — and in its hypnotic nod and post-midpoint shift to speedier fare, it underscores Soldati‘s refusal to be pigeonholed to one approach or the other. Whether a given listener is new to¬†Chotsourian‘s work or not, that kind of thing is easy to appreciate, especially in a first album.

As “Solar Tse” pushes toward its finish, with vocals in layers hopefully portending a future direction for¬†Soldati in general, one is reminded that¬†Chotsourian has directly compared¬†Doom Nacional¬†to the final¬†Los Natas album, 2009’s Nuevo Orden de la Libertad¬†(review here), and certainly a number of the riffs on offer throughout these songs bear that out, that last one included. But if Doom Nacional is on some level¬†Chotsourian engaging with his own legacy, that doesn’t prevent him from creating something new out of that.¬†Los Natas, who began as a more purely desert rock outfit and grew in time into something entirely of their own, may have jammed plenty, but they rarely if ever touched on the same kind of atmospheric doom ground as Ararat, whereas¬†Soldati brings both of those sides together.

Further, it doesn’t work to set them in opposition to each other. That is, to listen to “Los Secretos de Shiva,” with the fuzzy¬†Sabbathian solo giving way to more full-on shove later in its run after the drums and bass drop out and the guitar establishes the riff to come, the two stylistic elements at play work in kind, each to enhance the other one. The greatest success of¬†Doom Nacional — and what makes it most live up to its declaration — is in this aesthetic marriage of form and purpose.

For any debut, it’s only fair to look forward and think of what might come. The question as regards Soldati is how much of a focus the band will take on amid¬†Chotsourian‘s other projects, various collaborations, and so on. As a fan of the more heavy rock-oriented facet of his songwriting and hearing the flow he creates with Fellite and Cassinelli, Doom Nacional presents much to hope for going into subsequent releases, and I’ll say without reservation that it’s one of the best debuts 2020 will see. Perhaps because of that, it’s best to enjoy the captured moment for what it is, regardless of the context of one’s perspective, and let the future worry about itself. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


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