Deadpeach Celebrate 25th Anniversary; Release Waiting for Federico Acoustic Session

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25 years is a long time to do just about anything, let alone be in a band. Kudos to Italy’s Deadpeach on making it past that mark, and as they go into their second quarter-century, they note the passage with the release of an acoustic session titled Waiting for Federico that finds them revisiting and rearranging old material, giving a different look at their past work while showing a bit of how far they’ve come since playing their first show in Dec. 1993. Not a bad run. Their last outing was the 2016 single “Magic Potion” (discussed here), while their last album was 2015’s Aurum (review here). I’m not sure if they have new material in the works or what, but Waiting for Federico should give listeners something to dig into while waiting for their next offering.

Downloads are available from Bandcamp and the cover art is awesome, as you can see below. Info follows here courtesy of the PR wire:

deadpeach waiting for federico

DEADPEACH – Waiting for Federico

The acoustic session, entitled “Waiting for Federico”; is a work in which Deadpeach play their repertoire in an unplugged key, as they had never done before, with unpublished arrangements.

The record contains seven songs from their repertoire: Orange Buzz, Silver House, Family and Lies, Cameriere, Le scarpe nuove, Traffic, Stars.

1. Family and lies 03:30
2. Silver house 03:17
3. Stars 03:55
4. Orange buzz 03:58
5. Cameriere 02:49
6. Le scarpe nuove 02:32
7. Traffic 06:27

Giovanni Giovannini: voice, acoustic guitar,echoplex.
Daniele Bartoli: acoustic guitar 6 and 12 strings, slide guitar, choirs.
Mr Steveman: bass, choirs.

Recorded and mixed between February and December 2018 at the Blueberry studio and the Deadpeach home studio.
Mix and Master: Alessandro Cenciarini (Blueberry)
Photographer cover: Gabriele Nastro (

25 years ago 31st of december 1993 the DEADPEACH played their first concert with Giovanni in the line up, and so the Lennon \ Mccartney era was born, the gig by the way was epic, classic rock n roll ending with Giovanni crashing into Giommi’s drumkit sending half of it across the stage.

Deadpeach, Waiting for Federico (2018)

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