Gorm Premiere New Single “Beyond Black Rainbow”

gorm live at black cat

The in medias res Blackmore gallop and blend of steady organ lines and vocal harmonies on Gorm‘s debut single, Beyond Black Rainbow, mark the band as immediately progressive. And impressively, there’s the fact that the song’s root tracks — the guitar, bass, drums, organ — were done live. Gorm would hardly be the first act to go that route especially on a short release, but to do so as a new band, and do so with material of such marked complexity shows a bit more daring. Fair enough that they arrive fronted by Francis Roberts, also of Old Man Wizard and formerly of Dread Crew of Oddwood, whose voice and guitar tone will be recognizable at the outset to anyone who’s heard his work in either of those two projects. Gorm brings him together with synthesist/organist/vocalist Saki Chan, bassist Erich Beckmann and drummer/Gorm Beyond Black Rainbowvocalist Dylan Marks and seems to be geared toward a prog metal style informed by the likes of Opeth as much as by the persistent melodies of Ghost as by NWOBHM rhythm.

All familiar-enough ground for Roberts through Old Man Wizard, but “Beyond Black Rainbow” takes a more straightforward path, and the harmonies with Chan and Marks are a distinguishing factor, as well as the nigh-psychotic bass runs from Beckmann in the verse beneath the guitar. There’s some letup in the hook, but then it’s back to the kind of finger work that would make Steve Harris blush as the drums thrust the build into its next stage. Momentum carries into a solo section in the second half of the song, comfortable in what for many would be a sprint, and they cap with a big rock finish of cymbal wash, organ and guitar noise. It’s only one track, so you won’t find me guessing what an album from them might sound like, but if “Beyond Black Rainbow” is anything to go by, Gorm‘s putting craft first could work out toward an individuality of sound built from the combined experience of its membership.

You can read more about that under the player below — extra kudos to whoever on the planet decided to call their group Kirby’s Dream Band — and find more background at the links that follow.

Please enjoy “Beyond Black Rainbow”:

“Beyond Black Rainbow” is the debut single of Southern California rock band GORM, to be released on July 20, 2018.

The band is currently unsigned and plans to seek label support for their debut album.

Band statement: “We’re all very excited to release this track, because the session it was a part of was the first time any of us had done a live-in-studio recording. The minimal editing and overdubbing really helped capture the energy and togetherness of our live show, which we feel is our band’s strongest point.”

Gorm is a rock band based in Southern California consisting of Francis Roberts (Old Man Wizard, The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Leather Nun america, etc.), Dylan Marks (Beekeeper, Eukaryst, White Wizzard, etc.), Erich Beckmann (Grim Luck, Kirby’s Dream Band, Vic Viper, etc.), and Saki Chan.

Gorm’s live show is dynamic, bombastic, and glamorous, featuring captivating musicianship, imaginative stage clothes, high energy performance, and an organ.

Track Credits:
Guitar, Vocal – Francis Roberts
Synth, Organ, Vocal – Saki Chan
Bass Guitar – Erich Beckmann
Drums, Vocal – Dylan Marks

Recorded by Jordan Andreen and Adam Wollach at Audio Design
Produced by Gorm
Music & Lyrics by Francis Roberts
Mixed by Francis Roberts
Mastering by Erik Peabody – Viking Guitar Productions
Art by Saki Chan

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  1. Brian M. says:

    There is something comforting in taking a familiar feeling and making it fresh and interesting. I want to hear more. Can’t wait for the album.

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