Høstsabbat 2018: Spurv Join Lineup

Oslo heavy post-rockers Spurv recently announced their second album, Myra, would be out in June via Fysisk Format, and posted the first track from it. The title of “Og Ny Skog Bæres Frem,” at least according to what would seem to be the remarkably flawed translation matrix of a major internet company, translates to something about “and new forest forward,” and I’m going to assume “forward” there should be “grows” or “growing.” That is, if the translation is right at all, which given the amount of Norwegian my ignorant American ass speaks, is anyone’s best guess. Apologies to the band if I’ve butchered it. The song, which is a lush instrumental rife with Russian Circles-style layering and a will that goes beyond heft in terms of atmosphere, rules either way.

There was a point to this post, succinctly summarized in the headline: Spurv will play at Høstsabbat 2018 this Fall. They join an impressive and varied lineup that includes Asteroid, Electric Moon, Brutus, Toner Low, Elephant Tree and more, and my understanding is more announcements are still to come.

Here’s this one for now:

spurv hostsabbat

Finally, a sense of spring is upon Oslo!

With spring comes birds, and what could be more soothing than the announcement of the fantastic six-piece Spurv (“sparrow” in English) to this years’ Høstsabbat.

When we were able to check out their forthcoming album, “Myra”, out 1st of June on the ever-magnificent Oslo label Fysisk Format, we were totally blown away…

What they lack in vocals (because there is non), they make up for with painting the most beautiful soundscapes, taking the listener on a trippin’ journey over blossoming fields of spring flowers. It’s tender, massive, fragile, heavy and straight up awesome! We can’t wait to see this in the church room.

Spurv will treat us with a new kind of postrock. Be amazed.

Electric Moon
Toner Low
Elephant Tree
Taiga Woods


Spurv, “Og Ny Skog Bæres Frem”

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  1. Spurv says:

    Thanks for this! A more accurate translation would be “And new forest is brought/carried forth.”

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