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I recognize that saying so is the cliché equivalent to writing a song with the same bassline as ‘N.I.B.,’ but if this was December and not February and the year was about to end in a couple weeks’ time, would you really be able to complain about any lack of fantastic releases? It’s been two months and before the next one is out we will have seen and heard new offerings from Corrosion of Conformity, Monster Magnet, Earthless, Fu Manchu and literally hundreds of others. It’s been as awesome as it’s been impossible to keep up with.

This new podcast follows the same model as the last one, vis-a-vis using Spotify as the medium of conveyance. You can see the playlist in the player below, and you may accordingly wonder why I’ve bothered to type it out underneath as well. It’s because streaming sites disappear even quicker than they rise to dominance, and I’m not saying The Obelisk is going to outlast Spotify or anything, but just in case, I like to keep my own records. I appreciate the indulgence on your part.

Awesome mix this time around. No real theme other than it’s new stuff I’ve been listening to a lot and digging. I very much hope you enjoy it as well. 21 tracks. About two and a half hours long.

Thanks for listening and reading:

Track details:

Artist, Track, Album, Runtime
Earthless, “Black Heaven” from Black Heaven, 8:45
Sundrifter, “Targeted” from Visitations, 4:45
Psilocibina, “Acid Jam” from LSD / Acid Jam, 7:08
Blackwater Holylight, “Sunrise” from Blackwater Holylight, 4:51
Fu Manchu, “Clone of the Universe” from Clone of the Universe, 2:57
Green Lung, “Free the Witch” from Free the Witch, 5:55
Monster Magnet, “Mindfucker” from Mindfucker, 4:59
All Souls, “Never Know” from All Souls, 5:59
Red Lama, “Perfect Strangers” from Motions, 6:47
Blackwülf, “Sinister Sides” from Sinister Sides, 4:53
Fuzz Lord, “Worlds Collide” from Fuzz Lord, 6:58
Corrosion of Conformity, “Forgive Me” from No Cross No Crown, 4:06
Apostle of Solitude, “Ruination Be Thy Name” from From Gold to Ash, 6:37
Avon, “Space Native” from Dave’s Dungeon, 4:42
Psychic Lemon, “Exit to the Death Lane” from Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay, 8:32
The Dry Mouths, “Catalonian Cream” from When the Water Smells of Sweat, 4:34
Insect Ark, “Windless” from Marrow Hymns, 8:38
Naxatras, “You Won’t Be Left Alone” from III, 11:17
Mythic Sunship, “Into Oblivion” from Upheaval, 13:56
King Buffalo, “Repeater” from Repeater, 13:40
Hound the Wolves, “Masquerade” from Camera Obscura, 13:10

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4 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 065”

  1. old.splatterhand says:

    Well, thats just a kind of disapointment for me, sorry to say.
    I was used to listen to your aot podcasts in my car or at work, where i could hear them downloaded to my usb stick/mp3 player without problems. But i have not internet in my car nor do i have network connection at work, so i’m out and can’t listen anymore. Spotify might be an alternative for many, but for a few it isn’t.
    R.I.P. audiObelisk Transmission, i have found greats songs while listen to you…

  2. Dav says:

    Yeah, I’m not planning on signing up for Spotify anytime soon, either. But if that’s where everyone is, I’m not going to demand that it be uploaded to whatever random Android podcast app I have.

    Regardless, thanks for writing out the playlist, I’ll try and track down whatever I can on Bandcamp, YouTube, etc.

  3. Jimzo says:

    Good damnit spotify. Spotify is blocked over at my work, so i cant listen. Gotta give it a try with yt now… If ever youre thinking about switching to a good old regular podcast ill be one of the firsts to thank you for that… Anyway keep up the great work mate!

  4. Adam says:

    As others said – don’t have Spotify and don’t have internet in most places I listen. I would love it if there was a downloadable podcast version of this and the last one.

    For the past 5 years, this podcast was my number 1 source for hearing what is new, good, and interesting. My album collection owes it a thanks – so thanks for the first 63. And double thanks if you can return to the old format.

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