Black Road Self-Titled Debut EP out Now; Vinyl Coming Soon

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Chicago-based four-piece Black Road have their self-titled debut EP available now. Actually, there seems to be some question as to whether or not it’s an EP or a full-length, but either way, it’s self-titled and it follows behind a couple live tracks and digital whatnots peppered out to entice listeners and — apparently — labels. The proof is in the doomly pudding of a tape issue through DHU Records and a CD through Italian purveyor BloodRock Records, as well as an impending vinyl issue also through DHU that’s set to arrive reportedly sometime early in 2018.

In the meantime, of course the six-tracker is streaming in its entirety via Bandcamp — see below — where the band is also selling the currently available formats. I haven’t heard anything about vinyl preorders, but presumably they’re coming sooner than later. It’ll be early 2018 next week, technically speaking.

From the PR wire:

black road black road ep

Chicago’s Black Road Unleashes Self-Titled EP Unto the Masses!

Brought together by a common passion for music, Chicago, Illinois’ Black Road began their musical journey in 2015. Black Road is a DIY labor of love that pulls from metal, rock, heavy blues, psychedelic rock, doom metal, jazz, funk, and folk as influences and inspiration.

Formed by guitarist Tim Morano and vocalist/lyricist Suzi Uzi, Black Road became a vehicle for this magnetic couple to capture a specific feeling or emotion and to convey them through the songs. Black Road signed with Netherlands based label DHU Records in August 2016. Within a month, the couple had to replace the former drummer and bassist for creative differences. In October 2016, Black Road’s line-up was solidified with the addition of Robert Gonzales (drums) and Casey Papp (bass). Together, Black Road creates a heavy and harmonious foundation of music that is dynamic and full of many layers.

After just months of being a band, Black Road recorded their debut album together. BloodRock Records (Italy) later signed Black Road for a limited-edition CD run, which was officially released on October 6, 2017. The self-titled debut EP was released on limited-edition cassette with DHU Records in mid-October. Since the album release, Black Road has had talks to sign a second CD deal with BloodRock Records, and is still awaiting the vinyl to be released very soon via DHU Records sometime in early 2018.

Suzi Uzi (vox/lyrics/piano)
Tim M. (guitar)
Casey Papp (bass)
Robert Gonzales (drums)

Black Road, Black Road EP (2017)

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