New England Stoner and Doom Fest Adds Earthride, Scissorfight, Curse the Son and Banth to Lineup

Quintessential Maryland doomers Earthride just wrapped up a tour with unhinged sludge mavens Buzzov*en, and their new single, Witch Gun is available now through Salt of the Earth Records. Next Spring, that same Connecticut-based imprint will also be presenting its inaugural New England Stoner and Doom Festival on April 20 and 21, and though I think if you cut them open — not literally; not advocating anyone try it — Earthride would bleed the waters of the Chesapeake River, wherever they go, doom righteousness follows and no doubt they’ll find due welcome among the other three acts announced today — Scissorfight, Curse the Son and Banth.

Frankly, I’m not sure you could legally put on something called a New England Stoner and Doom Fest and not have Scissorfight take part, though of course it’s worth noting Salt of the Earth put out the band’s reunion EP, Chaos County (review here), in 2016. So that probably helps. Likewise, Curse the Son and Banth will represent the underrated home-state sphere of Connecticut riffing when the fest kicks off at Altones in Jewett City, CT, next Spring.

Proud to have The Obelisk involved in sponsoring this one. I’ve known fest-organizer Scott “Grandpa” Harrington for at least a decade at this point and his passion for heavy music and vigorous support for same has never wavered. He’s going to put together a killer event. First announcement follows, and of course there’s much more to come:


We were going to announce the first band officially playing NEW ENGLAND STONER AND DOOM FESTIVAL today, but instead we decided it would be more fun to announce four!

So New England, make no mistake about it..
Shits about to get real heavy….


All performing at the

More bands TBA soon!

Earthride, Live at Maryland Doom Fest 2017

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