Hypertonus Premiere “Phantasmagoria” 360° Video


Plenty of bands give a look at their studio or rehearsal spaces in their videos these days. It’s kind of the standard procedure if a group needs a clip for a song; get a friend or two or — if they’ve got access to some resources — an actual director, a couple cameras, maybe a GoPro or something like that, editing software, and blamo. Video accomplished. Some are legitimately well made, others just get the job done, but few offer the kind of comprehensive glimpse at the creative process that German instrumentalist trio Hypertonus bring to their clip for “Phantasmagoria,” which lets those viewing it have a 360°, click-ably interactive view of the funk-informed Bremen-based outfit as they perform the closing jam of their self-released 2017 full-length debut, Tidal Wave (review here).

That is to say, by clicking on the little directional arrows in the upper left corner of the video embed — not to draw your eye away from the text here, but I’d actually recommend you go full-screen for this endeavor — you can actually spin and rotate the camera vertically and horizontally as guitarist Patrick Büch, bassist Arne Staats and drummer Hannes Christen jam out the song. They’re not the first to do this kind of thing, but it’s awesome. The three of them are gathered around in a circle, and whether you want to look at the lighting on the ceiling or the pedals on the floor or the tv monitor where the 360° filming apparatus — if you’ve ever seen one, it’s like a big ball of cameras; both expensive- and fun-looking — is showing the band to themselves as they play. It’s called a Harbor Inn Session, and “Phantasmagoria” is well suited to it at an exploratory eight minutes long, giving Hypertonus plenty of time to flesh out the material and the audience plenty of time to explore the space in which they’re doing so.

Hypertonus have a few local dates in Germany coming up over the course of July and August, and you’ll find those under the video, along with more background on the band, but I hope you’ll take the time to really dig into the “Phantasmagoria” clip as well, since it’s an enjoyable way for a band to present the song and something you don’t run into every day in the standard trio-in-room fare.

However much actual playing around with it you do, please enjoy:

Hypertonus, “Phantasmagoria” official video

Instrumental music between experimental, jazzrock and funk with the run to nearly insane sounds – that’s what HYPERTONUS is about.

These three men from Bremen, Germany are a thrilling group having a wide range with rough sounds that will knock you down – but also a beautiful soundscape which will lend you a helping hand to stand up again.

In March 2017 they released their debut TIDAL WAVE, followed by a tour through Germany and Netherlands sharing the stage with bands like Toundra, 1000mods and Mother’s Cake.

Listen to our debut album ‘TIDAL WAVE’: http://hypertonus.bandcamp.com

Hypertonus is:
Hannes Christen (drums)
Arne Staats (bass)
Patrick Büch (guitar)

Next dates:
14.07. – Bremerhaven – Rock Center Festival
29.07. – Bremen – Dümpeldoom Festival
18.08. – Bremen – Überseefestival Warm-Up
25.08. – Berlin – Mensch Meier

Hypertonus on Thee Facebooks

Hypertonus on Instagram

Hypertonus on Bandcamp

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