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colour haze in her garden

[Click play above to stream ‘Labyrinthe’ from Colour Haze’s new album, In Her Garden. CD is out this month with vinyl to follow in May, both via Elektrohasch.]

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Horns and wind at this point aren’t anything new for Need Our accounting tutors are available 24/7. Ask a accounting question now! Colour Haze, and the inclusion of a string quartet arranged by Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion. In 2018 the topic is stolen art. History of Gcse Chemistry Coursework Help September 2004 Mathis Nitschke on “Lotus” will be familiar to anyone who encountered “Grace” from solve my writing homework dissertation comparative analysis Free law school paper writing service homework help on social studies She Said or the closing title cut from essay writing service london Questions warwick phd thesis buy online papers term To the Highest Gods We Know, but even in how these elements are integrated, In Her Garden demonstrates continued growth on the part of Colour Haze who, 22 years on from making their debut with 1995’s Chopping Machine (discussed here), absolutely refuse to stagnate on any creative level. To be clear, In Her Garden is the most progressive Colour Haze offering to-date, and whether that’s heard in the unabashedly joyous bounce of “Lotus,” blending acoustics and electrics along with the aforementioned strings, or the earlier fuzz immersion of “Lavatera,” or the noodling in “Magnolia” that later receives an echo backed by dream-toned Rhodes in “sdg II,” it is true of the complete front-to-back experience of the 13-track entirety.

Another factor drawing comparison between¬†In Her Garden and¬†She Said over¬†To the Highest Gods We Know is the basic length.¬†The 2012 album was a massive 81 minutes long — as noted, too much for a single CD — where¬†its follow-up was just 40. With that came more stripped-down ideas built off what¬†She Said accomplished before it, and likewise,¬†In Her Garden continues the movement forward from¬†To the Highest Gods We Know. Its LPs divide into an even 36 minutes each, and each component LP into roughly even sides of about 18 minutes apiece. Only side A has four tracks, the rest have three, and each side begins with an intro/interlude of its own. In the case of side A, that’s the semi-title-track “Into Her Garden,” but the rest are given the lowercase initials “sdg” and offered as “sdg I,” a minute of horn warmup and clarinet melody, the 1:49 “sdg II,” which as noted brings back the standout progression of “Magnolia,” and finally the 1:55 “sdg III” an acoustic/sitar (the latter performed¬†by Mario Oberpucher)¬†run that one only wishes went on longer as it leads the way into the closing duo of “Skydancer” and “Skydance.”

These short pieces do much to enhance the atmosphere and structure of¬†In Her Garden as a whole, whether it’s providing a sneaky foreshadow of things to come or reinforcement tying together what’s already happened, but from¬†Faszbender‘s organ work on “Lavatera” to Koglek‘s¬†shimmering guitar lead¬†“Arbores” to the additional percussion contributed by¬†Robert Schoosleitner, formerly of¬†Elektrohasch jammers¬†Been Obscene, the album brims with a diversity befitting its garden theme — a variety of different species that, when arranged as impeccably as they are, create something that gives a sense of wholeness and a sense of beauty that, individually, each species could not.¬†Moving between more traditional structures early in “Black Lilly,” “Magnolia” and “Arbores” into more jam-based ideas like 11-minute side B/LP1 closer “Islands,” which follows the swirling “Lavatera” and holds back its vocals until nearly eight minutes in,¬†Colour Haze enact a fluidity often imitated but still distinctly their own, and while each song seems to be precisely placed just where it needs to be to maximize symmetry, instrumental or vocalized, to put on¬†In Her Garden and listen front-to-back on CD or digital, the flow between tracks is practically seamless.

colour haze in her garden booklet

Granted, it shouldn’t be especially surprising that a group more than two decades into their career knows how to make songs work well next to each other, and it’s true that some of the aspects of¬†In Her Garden¬†show themselves to be signature¬†Colour Haze, whether it’s the riff that appears in the apex of “Skydance” as the album moves toward its conclusion, the unmatched class and instrumental chemistry between¬†Koglek,¬†Merwald and¬†Rasthofer or the live feel between the three of them that underscores even the broadest of arrangements, on side C’s¬†horn-laden “Labyrinthe” or the subsequent, string-infused “Lotus.” None of this is to In Her Garden‘s detriment. Rather, even as the second LP takes its cue from “Islands” and moves away somewhat — “Lotus” aside —¬†from the garden theme and plant-based titles, it’s the core strength of¬†Colour Haze‘s style¬†giving them the foundation on which to build their arrangements.

The pair of “Labyrinthe” and “Lotus” most outwardly emphasize this, but it’s true to varying degrees of “Lavatera” and “Islands,” of “Black Lilly,” “Magnolia” and “Arbores,” and of “Skydancer” and “Skydance” as well — the whole record does it, and then finds further enrichment through the intro to each LP side. One can listen to the Rhodes on “sdg II,” or hear the patient drawl of horns in “Labyrinthe” or the swing in “Black Lilly” and point to individual achievements that demonstrate¬†Colour Haze‘s relentless, continual evolution of ideas, but with¬†In Her Garden the more appropriate way to look at it is with the resounding affect of the entirety. It’s not just about one song. It’s about the conversation of songs, and how they interact with each other. “Lotus,” which wants only for the inclusion of a full nine-part harmony chorus in its finish, nonetheless provides¬†a wonderful crescendo in its bouncing apex, but it’s not just for itself — it’s for “Labyrinthe” before it and the closing duo still to come.¬†Each cut feels an effect from its surroundings, and the whole experience of¬†In Her Garden becomes a world that lets the listener come inside and wander as they will, or just sit quietly and let these special moments wash over.

I feign no objectivity when it comes to this band or their output. I am a fan and when I put on¬†In Her Garden¬†to bask in the winding rhythm of “Magnolia,” the keys on “Skydancer” or the glorious pull of “Lotus,”¬†I hear them¬†with a fan’s ears and experience a fan’s joy in returning to them. That said,¬†In Her Garden only provides further argument for why that’s the case in its concept and its memorable songcraft, and shows clearly why a generation of heavy psych rockers has worked so hard to capture a fraction of what makes the work of¬†Koglek,¬†Rasthofer and¬†Merwald so continually and enduringly special. We’re now 13 years on from their self-titled LP (discussed here) and 11 from its 2006 follow-up,¬†Tempel (discussed here), which in many ways have become defining outings for¬†Colour Haze, but time has done nothing to dull either their aesthetic luster nor the will that drives them to create.

One can trace a line from earlier works like 1999’s¬†Periscope, 2000’s¬†CO2, 2001’s¬†Ewige Blumenkraft (reissue review here) and 2003’s¬†Los Sounds de Krauts — their first double-album — on through Colour Haze, Tempel, 2008’s All and into their latter-day works and find no point at which they did not push themselves to find new avenues to explore as players and writers. When one considers this body of work — the¬†whole garden —¬†Colour Haze become all the more a singular entity in Europe’s heavy underground as well as a defining presence within it, but even taken out of its context,¬†In Her Garden not only stands up to the legacy behind it, but feels like just as much an invitation to those who’ve never heard the trio as it is the latest welcome return for longtime followers. Its warmth of tone, overall scope, melodic depth and thoughtful ambition ensure it is entirely¬†Colour Haze‘s own and that its resonance will hold for years to come even as it stands tall and graceful among the best full-lengths of 2017. Recommended.

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    Awesome review! Been waiting a long time for this album. May for the vinyl release seems so far away though!

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    beautifully put

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