Review & Full Album Stream: Varego, Epoch


[Stream Varego’s Epoch in full by clicking play above. Album is out today, Oct. 10, on Argonauta Records.]

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As to where that exploration takes them, they seem to display some measure of self-awareness of the journey they’re on. To wit, titles like “Alpha Tauri,” “Flying King,” “The Cosmic Dome,” and even “Dominion” — not to mention the otherworldly mastery conveyed through the album’s cover art, objectification notwithstanding — speak to elements of space, of moving from one place to the next, of something grander than the human sphere, and the music within backs that up with a fervent hypnosis that carries through as “Alpha Tauri” shifts directly into “Phantasma,” which likewise bleeds into “Flying King.”


Bringing the bass forward in the mix gives  Epoch an immediate strike of heft, and sets up the dynamic of the buried vocals and the far-out guitar work of Pozzo and Lucisano, but it might be Lepore holding the songs together ultimately. “Flying King” finds him cycling through fills as the guitars and vocals stretch themselves to and beyond oblivion, and though it’s the shortest cut on the album at 4:44, and among the more straightforward, particularly after the thrust of “Phantasma,” from its beginning keyboard flourish to its capping wash of noise, it seems to be the drums providing that center around which the rest of the track swirls — though in this case, that center is anything but calm.

Each of the three songs that follow, “The Cosmic Dome,” “Swarms” and “Dominion,” lead the listener further along a path of consuming bleakness. One finds tortured shouts echoing behind furious riffing on “The Cosmic Dome,” and with the somewhat extended droning intro to that song, it all the more gives the feeling of having shifted from one side to another, side A to B, even in a linear (digital/CD) format. Reinforcement arrives as “Swarms” launches with its slow-Slayer nodding lead line and ping ride and continues to unfurl more downer vibes in the ensuing post-metallic build, increasing in tempo before receding again to a calm and somewhat morose contemplation across a long fade where even the snare drum is coated in reverb.

Like much of the album before it, this is a moment of grayed-out psychedelia, and that vibe carries into the finale “Dominion.” If this is the place to which Epoch has been leading, it’s an alternate dimension of far-ranging sludge and space-metallic thrust, marked out by its build and the rousing finish to which it progresses, the vocals holding all the while to the aforementioned sense of control that has underscored Varego‘s work across this massive but still efficiently-executed span.

At the end of “Dominion,” that seems to be exactly what Varego have established over this strange, sometimes confusing sonic territory. They are fully at home in it. They make it their own. They twist it to suit their purposes on a given track, in a given expression. That they’d develop further into their own sound on a second album four years after their debut isn’t necessarily surprising, but the progressive vision of sludge they present on Epoch that’s neither lacking atmosphere nor purely derivative of post-metal only becomes more satisfyingly individualized on repeat listens, which speaks even more of the band having fully realized the impressive scope of their intentions.

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