All Them Witches Release Live Recording Brussels, Belgium 3/3/16; More to Follow

all them witches (Photo by Robby Staebler and James)

It’s after midnight as I write this. I should be asleep to get up with the alarm, set for about seven hours from now so I can get to work on time, though I’m holding out for a first-day-of-spring snowday. Fingers crossed. I can hear the dog snoring in the lulls of All Them Witches‘ new live release, Brussels, Belgium 3/3/16, issued via their Bandcamp. They’ve done that kind of thing before, always a cool vibe from these guys. I feel like the fact that my eyes are irritated from being awake for too long and the harsh light of my bedside lamp as I write this is fitting for the version of “Call Me Star” here, or “Mountain.” Some shit is just worth being awake for.

All Them Witches have been on tour more or less since late last year, supporting their 2015 third album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (review here), a substantial portion of which is represented here. Like I said, they’ve put up live show recordings in the past, though I don’t recall many of them sounding quite as professional as Brussels, Belgium 3/3/16. Maybe they upgraded whatever gear they’re using for the purpose. Maybe Europe is the difference. I wouldn’t speculate. In any case, they say there are others to come, and while there’s not much lacking in this 95-minute set, I’m cool with more en route.

I should go see this band again.

Art, tracklisting and links follow, if you’re up now or for later. Either way:

all them witches brussels belgium

All Them Witches – Brussels, Belgium 3?/?3?/?16

We will be posting the audio from most of the shows on Bandcamp for FREE DOWNLOAD. Stay tuned.

1. Death of Coyote Woman 10:21
2. Funeral/God 07:01
3. Dirt Preachers 03:31
4. Marriage of Coyote Woman/Elk Blood Heart 11:19
5. Call Me Star 04:47
6. Open Passageways 03:39
7. Talisman 07:49
8. Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters 14:39
9. Mountain 08:02
10. Heavy Like A Witch 05:01
11. Charles William 07:21
12. Middle Name is the Blues 11:39

The instruments and voices that you hear in All Them Witches:

Ben McLeod
Robby Staebler
Michael Parks, Jr.
Allan Van Cleave

All Them Witches, Brussels, Belgium 3/3/16

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  1. perrin_goldeneyes says:

    The venue also put the complete show on YouTube in outstanding quality:

  2. Drake says:

    Love this album so much. The only thing that would make it better would be a vinyl release. Would love to hear it with that crisp vinyl sound.

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