Treedeon Premiere “Terracide” from Lowest Level Reincarnation


“Terracide” feels somewhat tucked away in the tracklist of German noise rockers Treedeon‘s debut album, Lowest Level Reincarnations. The closer, it arrives after the lumbering 12 minutes of the title-track, a monstrous and thick, dual-vocalized barrage, and it feels decidedly more barebones, more in line with earlier cuts like “Wendigo” or “Satan’s Need.” Both of those are also shorter bursts of aggression that speaks to the noise pedigree of guitarist/vocalist Arne Heesch in Ulme and bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth in Jingo de Lunch.

Treedeon got together — initially as an acoustic project; something they got over as you’ll hear — when Heesch and Ducksworth‘s bands went belly-up, and on their Exile on Mainstream debut, they’re joined by drummer Christian “Boomer” Böhm, who underscores the lumber and the plunder with suitable thud, as a live-sounding track like “Blankapitation” demonstrates,Treedeon_Vinyl_test Ducksworth taking the lead vocal early on after Heesch helmed the eight-minute opener “Love Turns Liquid.” They trade back and forth between and within songs effectively, with particularly nasty results on “Venus with Teeth,” but on “Terracide,” it’s Ducksworth at the fore, backed by Heesch‘s screams and the densely-toned, insistent rhythm, still somehow punkishly mean.

Lowest Level Reincarnations releases on April 7 in North America (earlier in Europe, it looks like), and in wanting some background about the band, it seemed only fair to turn to Exile on Mainstream head honcho Andreas Kohl, whose deeply admirable tastes have led to celebrated signings for BeehooverWinoDarsombra and Black Shape of Nexus, among many others. Kohl offers some perspective on what stood out to him about Treedeon in the quote which you can find after “Terracide” itself, which is streamable on the player below.

Please enjoy:

Andreas Kohl on Treedeon:

In what has become an over 15 years history of Exile On Mainstream I have seen a lot happening when it comes to bands becoming a part of the family and history of this label this – from the somehow traditional way of listening to a demo, seeing the band playing live, being a longtime fan to establishing a friendship first and later getting hooked on what their musical approach and output is.

The signing of Treedeon now marks walking this path full circle and simultaneously adds a new, almost holistic way of incorporating a band in the Exile On Mainstream roster as I had the fortune of watching a band finding themselves, trying out different ways and approaches to finding their sound and observing their progressions. It was stunning to see how the three-piece became what they are now: one of Europe’s most staggering outfits to lay pure emotional heaviness in sound and attitude over your maltreated souls. Get stunned as I am. NOW.

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  1. […] The LP’s closing track, “Terracide,” is also playing at The Obelisk HERE. […]

  2. […] Enjoy the debuting of ‘Blankapitation’ by Treedeon, the Berlin-based sludge trio whose debut album Lowest Level Reincarnation will be coming out via Exile On Mainstream on March 9th. Down-tuned, mean, and riding on a wave of undulating distortion, ‘Blankapitation’ weighs in heavy, and with eight songs delivering a full spectrum of sonic rock assault, Lowest Level Reincarnation is raw, rich in diversity and in your face – carved out of depression and channeled in to a maelstrom monstrosity of guitar, bass and drums. You can still listen to the closing track ‘Terracide’ at The Obelisk here. […]

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