Lamprey Post Stop-Motion Video for New Song “Iron Awake”

lamprey iron awake

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Werewolves are beheaded, monsters and giants are bested, and in the end,¬†Lamprey¬†are transported by what looks like a tooth-covered shower head with googly eyes (fuck yes) to what I can only assume is the “Stage Playset” from which individual figures are sold separately, where they¬†pick up their instruments and rock out the last couple seconds of the song before being once more blipped away.

“Iron Awake” is the first audio I’m hearing from¬†Lamprey‘s new release, but in both sound and in how they present it, you’ll get no argument out of me. A minute and a half excellently spent:

Lamprey, “Iron Awake” official video

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Lamprey on Bandcamp

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