Black Space Riders Post New Video for “Space Angel (Memitim)”

Somewhere between Killing Joke and Pink Floyd, maybe? I don’t know where the sonic terrain in which Germany’s Black Space Riders reside, but I know they don’t share it with many other bands. The Muenster five-piece released their third album, D:REI, at the end of January and have a new video for the track “Space Angel (Memitim)” from it. The song captures the group’s jammier, exploratory side, and while the video is an edit of the track, since it only cuts down the original 10 minutes to a little under nine, there’s still plenty of time to get a feel for the cosmic vibes Black Space Riders are honing.

Accordingly, the video crosses through a range of tripped-out visual effects. The band itself doesn’t actually appear, but there’s plenty to look at besides with the various swirls and constant forward-moving feel carrying you through. As the band states, they edited the track to catch the “shortened attention spans” of YouTube viewers. I guess we’ll see if cutting a minute off does the trick, but it’s a cool groove anyway, and however long they want to make it last, there’s little that’d make you want to turn it off once you put it on. I can’t account for the fickle realities of media in the age of instant gratification, but “Space Angel (Memitim)” is worth taking the time to get lost in.

As you can see by clicking play below. Enjoy:

Black Space Riders, “Space Angel (Memitim)” official video

An epic Space-Rock-Track taken from BLACK SPACE RIDERS third studio-Album “D:REI”.

This is an edited version, the intro was cut shorter matching to the shortended attention span of most YouTube-listeners (with – of course – the exeption of YOU!!!!)

The visuals and video-animations were created by our friend Blood Meridian (lost in space!).

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