Mos Generator Launch Heavy Home Grown Series of DIY Releases

As they get ready to hit Germany’s Freak Valley festival this coming weekend and play to a sold-out crowd supporting their recent Listenable Records debut, Electric Mountain Majesty (review here), Port Orchard, Washington, heavy rock specialists Mos Generator have officially launched their Heavy Home Grown series of DIY releases. Guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed has issued an update with info on the series, which begins with a live set recorded at Nuemo’s in Seattle back in 2006 and a collection of demos from their past two albums, and frankly, it looks like an awesome project. The demos have already sold out on preorders, and both come with minimal-but-handmade packaging and band-written info about each release.

From producing his own stuff to overseeing art and more, Reed‘s always been a hands-on kind of guy, so this kind of thing was really inevitable, and for fans, a great way to dig deeper into what Mos Generator do while supporting them directly.

Dig it:

We have started a series of releases that will be called “Heavy Home Grown”. These packages will be very DIY and assembled by us. The first in the series is Mos Generator Live at Neumos in Seattle 3/17/2006. The second will be the “Electric Nomads” demos hand crafted Lps that are limited to 100 copies and are already sold out just on pre-orders. I have been digging through the vaults and gathering a lot of cool material for future releases.

We have recorded hundreds of shows over the years on audio and video and we would like to make some of the better performances available for those who are interested. There are also 14 years of demos laying around so this series could see quite a few releases. Each one will also have an insert with a few paragraphs about what is on the disc. -TR

Mos Generator, “Sleeping Your Way to the Middle” Live in Seattle, March 17, 2006

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