World in Sound Offers Free Voyage through the Ages Sampler

There’s little I’m going to argue against less than free psychedelia, and if you’re in the mood, German imprint World in Sound have a new compilation called Voyage through the Ages that plots a pretty ambitious cosmic course. The mission? To summarize the relationship between modern psychedelia and that of the earliest days of the movement, or as they put it on the cover of the thing, to “Witness Yesterday Becoming Today!”

It’s a cool idea, and they’ve made it easy with each included song having not only the year of its release right in the title, but also the artist/band’s country of origin, so you get a sense of flavor not only of eras, but different places in Europe and the US and how mind-expansion was treated where and when. In both modern stuff like Doctor Cyclops and Buddha Sentenza and classic-era inclusions like Cosmic Dealer and Mystic Siva, they do about as much as one could ask without just making a 60-hour release that actually includes everything, and again, when it comes to free psychedelia, you’re not going to hear me complain.

That Doctor Cyclops is especially notable for being a 2014 — i.e. forthcoming — release. It’s one of three on there, alongside Prisma Circus and The Rising Sun Experience, who just happen to lead the thing off. Funny how that works out. Seems the label get to give a little glimpse at the future as well as the past and the present here, so I guess Voyage through the Ages lives up to its title all the more:


World In Sound invites you to a trip in time from 1969 till today with 13 international heavy psychedelic artists from the WIS catalogue.

Feel free to download and share this timeless and mindblowing 72 min piece of music!

Artists include The Lone Crows, Prisma Circus, Orcus Chylde, Cosmic Dealer and many more…

Various Artists, Voyage through the Ages (2013)

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