The Oracle Release Debut Demo Single

If you told me there was a band with members pulled from the current and former ranks of Sourvein, Pentagram, Lord and Black Blizzard, I don’t think I ever would’ve guessed the results would be quite as blackened as what The Oracle offer on their debut single, “Veiled Oblivion.” Recorded by Paul Cogle of Nagato/Black Blizzard and mastered by Admiral Browning‘s Matt LeGrow, the D.C.-based unit are definitely keeping their ties to Maryland doom intact, but the sonic output on “Veiled Oblivion” is geared toward something else entirely, with a vicious take on black crust that holds just a touch of sludgy groove in its undertones.

It will be interesting to hear if and how The Oracle change up the balance of elements in their sound — if one song is more punk/crust, another more doomed, etc. — but for now, “Veiled Oblivion” seems to touch on just about all of it, guitarist/vocalist James Haun (ex-Ol’ Scratch) and bassist/vocalist Helena Goldberg (also Akris) trading off in vicious approaches that only make the genre blend more nebulous.

Bio info, art and the track follow, care of the PR wire:

A veritable “supergroup” of area veteran heavy musicians, Washington, D.C. area Black/Doom metal band The Oracle was first devised in 2011.  The brainchild of vocalist/guitarist James Haun (Ol’ Scratch, Sourvein) they desired a more thought out, socially charged project with more depth, dynamic tempos, and technical musicianship.  In 2013 the lineup solidified as: guitarist/vocalist James Haun, lead guitarist Russ Strahan (Pentagram, Black Mass, Ectoplasm), bassist/vocalist Helena Goldberg (Akris, Lord, Aquila), and drummer Ben Proudman (RHIN, Black Blizzard, Vox Populi).

As demonstrated on the recently completed Demo/EP Entitled “Veiled Oblivion” The Oracle organically combine Black metal with elements of Doom, Sludge, and Crust Punk.  James and Helena’s  lyrics are a diatribe of aetheism and anarchism.   “Veiled Oblivion”, recorded by Paul Cogle (Vox Populi, Nagato, Black Blizzard) and mastered by Matt LeGrow (Admiral Browning)is set to be released, by the band, in January 2014,  with multiple live appearances and tours to follow.

The Oracle, “Veiled Oblivion”

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6 Responses to “The Oracle Release Debut Demo Single”

  1. zack says:

    fake black metal !!!no thanks

  2. D says:

    I expected a lot more out of this. It sounds sloppy.

  3. bob says:

    crust ? not bad but not good either

  4. darren says:

    i like it ok

  5. joe says:

    play baltimore

  6. erik says:

    keep the girls vocals to just back ups..kinda sloppy but cool doom black mesh for sure.

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